X Out

X Out is the new anti-hassle and anti-drama acne treatment for teens from the same makers of Proactiv. You can clear away acne in just 1 easy step and not have to worry about the hassles of using multiple products.

The acne medicine in X-Out absorbs into the pores and stays behind to help kill breakout-causing bacteria on contact, even after washing. It can be used in 3 different ways:


Wash your face with X-Out and rinse it off twice a day, during the morning and night.

Acne Spot Treatment

Dab it on annoying pimples before heading to bed. It will fight your pimples while you sleep.


For a more intense cleaning apply X Out and leave it on for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

Includes X Out 30-Day Supply + Free Cleansing Body Bar + Free Shipping

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