Trillion Dollar Coin

The Trillion Dollar Coin is one of the most controversial legal tender related issues in United States coinage history. It has been talked about in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and many other financial news outlets.

Now you can own a tribute replica of the Trillion Dollar Coin with the Trillion Dollar Tribute Proof. The front of the coin features the Statue of Liberty and a majestic American Eagle is on the reverse.

This private tribute from the New England Mint bears the incredible designation of 1 trillion dollars. That’s a million million dollars! It is minted in a large 39 millimeters in diameter.

With this replica you can own want many economic experts claim to be “The perfect solution to America’s debt crisis”.  Plus you can actually put a trillion dollar proof right into your pocket.

Each Trillion Dollar Tribute Proof includes a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to it’s uniqueness.

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