Trendy Top

The Trendy Top is an ultimate layering accessory that gives you a layered look without adding any bulk. It is a top that’s not since it covers just your hip.

Put on the Trendy Top and it’ll your cover the waist, belly and the rear view, making it perfect for jeans, low rise shorts, skirts and more. You can bend, reach or sit down and not worry about your panties ¬†showing.

Plus it holds you belly in too to stop that muffin top and give you a chic, lean, and sexy look. The Trendy Top is super comfortable and it stays in place when you move, even when doing cartwheels.

Includes Black and White Trendy Top

Free Beige and Gray Trendy Top (just pay additional p&h)

Plus free set of 16 Style Snaps – the world’s first snap and hem solution

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