Top Trainers

Top Trainers contains 10 workout DVDs from 10 different top fitness professionals and experts in the country. It is designed for the busy women in mind and allows you to workout and get your body in shape at your own schedule and from your own home.

Some of the workouts are as short as 6 minutes and you can start to see results as soon as just 1 week. Plus you’ll have fun as you exercise and experience a variety of cardio, yoga, kickboxing, latin dance and more through the the unique Blend Method.

The Blend Method is able to deliverbetter results by varying your workout routines. This helps prevent you from getting bored, avoid plateaus, and helps you stick to the exercise program.

With the variety of exercises in the Top Trainers system you can diversify your workouts, making it easier to stick to the program and achieve your fitness goals. Individuals who have to follow the same routine over and over again, week after week, would often end up with burnout and plateaus.

Includes 10 DVDs: Lindsay Brin’s – Shed 5 Fast, Yogini with Ellen Barrett,  Angie Miller’s Core & Strength Fusion, Jennifer Gallardi’s Ballet Body, Tracey Mallet’s 6 Minute Quick Blast, Michelle Dozois’ Your Body Circuit, Illaria Montagnani’s Power Strike 5,  Christi Taylor’s Mission: Possible, Susan Tuttle’s Latin Sensation, Stephanie Vitorino’s Ultimate Body Shaper

Plus 5 Free Gifts: Fitness Guide, Wall Calendar, 1 Month Free Subscription to, Resistance Band, Bonus Weight Loss DVD

3 payments of $29.95

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