Titanic $2 Bill

Commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic with the 100th Anniversary Titanic $2 Bill from The Merrick Mint. This private enhanced genuine, U.S. $2 Bill is only available through a special, time limited release.

It features five different breathtaking Titanic images, all capturing the romance and spectacle of the legendary ship. The seals of both the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury are on each bill to attest to their status as Legal Tender.

As a special bonus you’ll also receive a Maiden Voyage 3D Gold Hologram $2 Bill for free to go along with your 100th Anniversary Titanic $2 Bill.  Each $2 Bill comes with it’s own collectors case and includes a certificate of authenticity.

In addition with this special offer, you’ll also receive a set of Three Rendered Titanic Telegrams from that fateful night with your order for free.

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