Tapout XT

Tapout XT

Tapout XT is an extreme  MMA inspired based workout that will transform your body by burning fat, building lean muscles and shredding your abs. You can get into the best shape of your life.

It is a 90-day true mixed martial arts style fitness program that you can complete at home. There’s no weights, no pull-ups and no gym memberships required.

Professional fitness expert and MMA conditioning coach, Mike Karpenko, will guide you through the 12 super-charged MMA style workouts. Each workout contains combines of cardio, strength, core and power exercises with MMA inspired kicks, punches and elbows.

Complete Tapout XT and you will see extreme weight loss and muscle toning results. Everything you need to get your body into shape is included. There’s no additional fitness equipment required.

Includes 12 Workout DVDs, Strike Training DVD, Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, XT Extreme Resistance Band, and Tapout XT Training Band

Plus 4 Free Bonuses: Ultimate ABS XT DVD, 10 day Slimdown Plan, XT Workout Towel, and Workout Calendar

3 monthly payments of $39.95

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