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Wipe New

Wipe New is a car surface restorer that can make your vehicle shine like it came straight from the showroom again. It is easy to use and easy to apply.

The special nano-polymer formula penetrates into your cars surface and binds on in order to restore it’s original shine. It will reverse faded and weathered surfaces while protecting it against further damage from the elements.

All it takes is just a single application and your car’s will be shining again and be protected for years. Wipe New is one of the easiest ways to restore your bumpers, dashboards, rims, and more.

You will save time and money with Wipe New since only one application is required. So forget about those other costly silicone based products which you have to constantly reapply to keep your car shining.

Includes Double Size Bottle of Wipe New – enough to cover 2 whole cars

Free bonus Pro Detail Kit with 2 Yellow Wipe New Applicator Cloths, Red Headlight Applicator, Blue Headlight Polishing Block, Detail Brush and Nitrile Gloves (just pay additional p&h)