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Bullseye Pee Pads

The Bullseye Pee Pads are the no mess pee pads which ensures your dog pees right in the center. You won’t have to worry about them going on the edges like ordinary pee pads and leaving a mess for you to clean up.

This is because the Bullseye Pee Pads have concentrated pheromones in the center. When your dog smells it, it attracts them to target area and ensures they do their business there.

The pee pads are made with a special absorbent quilted material that is filled with odor eliminating micro lock beads. These beads absorbs liquid, locks in odors, and even releases a pleasant scent.

Includes: Set of 30 Bullseye Pee Pads

Buy 1 Set Get 1 Set Free (just pay additional p&h)

Free Bonus: Pee Terminator Pet Stain Remover

Cat’s Meow

Keep your cat entertained all day and all night long with the Cat’s Meow toy. Your cat will go crazy for it and chase it around all day long.

Just press the button and the movement of Cat’s Meow will silently attract your cat and keep them occupied. No matter the age of you cat, their natural instinct causes them to stalk and pounce on prey.

The movement of the Cat’s Meow sweeps around and speeds up and slows down like a mouse. Your kitty will be surprised with the random movements and how it changes directions when they least expect it. Go check it out at a pet store, I’m sure you will say, “my pet needs that” and will quickly proceed to treating you ball of fluff with a new way to play.

The Cat’s Meow toy is made using a durable rip stop nylon that can withstand your kitty’s claws. It is battery operated and can be placed just about anywhere for your cat to play with.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)