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Better Strainer

The Better Strainer is a tiny compact strainer which can expand to fit any pot, pan, skillet, or bowl of various sizes. Simply place it on strain. It’s that easy.

The Flex Fit design allows the Better Strainer to securely lock onto any pot or pan. It stays on tight and secure even when straining heavier foods like potatoes.

Better Strain works great whether you are straining pastas, veggies, fruits, or grounded meat. The entire surface is non-stick and also dishwasher safe.

When not in use you can easily store the Better Strainer anywhere you like. It is smaller than an oven mitt and just a fraction of the size of bulky colanders.

Free Bonus: Universal Spill Stopper (just pay additional p&h)

Anytime Grill

Now you can get real grill taste right inside your kitchen with the Minden Anytime Grill. It is an actual grill, not a griddle, which works on any gas or electric stove top.

The Minden Anytime Grill is designed to seal in moisture for a juicy, smoky, and tender barbeque taste.  You can use it to grill anytime without having to go outdoors.

The Anytime Grill is made from a heavy-duty enameled steel which captures heat from your stove and transfers it right to the grate for real grilling. It preheat in just minutes.

Plus there’s a built in flame guard which collects messes and leaves your cooktop splatter free. There’s also a smoke cone that reduces the amount of smoke that comes out.

With the Anytime Grill there’s no outdoor grilling hassles involved, such as bugs, propane, charcoal, propane or ashes. Also you don’t have to worry about the weather and can grill whenever you feel like it.

Available in Red & Black

Includes: Minden Anytime Grill, Grilling Plate, Lifting Utensil, Secrets & Tips Book, and Deluxe Expander Ring upgrade

4 payments of $14.99

Sonic Peeler

The Sonic Peeler is a revolutionary kitchen tool that takes the work out of peeling. It is electric powered and operates at an amazing 4,000 RPM to do most of the work for you.

This electric peeler is easy to use and you won’t have sore and tired hands for manually peeling ever again. The Sonic Peeler is powerful enough for tough skins and still suitable for delicate jobs.

It is powerful enough to actually take the bark off a tree branch but is still delicate enough that it can peel tomatoes incredibly thin. You can easily peel potatoes and hard skinned foods, peel delicate fruits and veggies, flake cheese, or julienne.

The Sonic Peeler includes a set of 3 interchangeable blades for different jobs. There’s a Heavy Duty Blade, Light Duty Blade, and a Julienne Blade.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Salad Chef

The Salad Chef is a versatile, compact and convenient salad making system. It lets you prepare amazing salads at lightning quick speeds.

It is an ultimate tool to cut, grate, dice or slice your favorite ingredients and make your favorite green salads, fruit salads or any other kind of salad you want.

You can rinse, slice, serve and store your salad all with just a single convenient container. It will save you time and save you space.

The Salad Chef features hardended stainless steal slicing blades which are razor sharp and never dull. The containers are made with a crystal clear, durable, and shatterproof plastic.

Plus it features a centrifugal high speed spin technology that lets you spin your salad and foods dry in just a matter of seconds after you rinsed them in your Salad Chef.

Includes Sturdy Slicing Lid, Large Serve & Store Container, Jumbo Slicing Blade with Safe Storage Sleeve, Recipe guide. Fresh Seal & Store Lid and Salad Chef Food Grater

Free bonus Medium Slicing Blade with Safe Storage Sleeve (just pay additional p&h)

Chef Basket

The Chef Basket easily transforms itself to give you a dozen different uses for your everyday kitchen needs. It is a flexible stainless steel cooking basket that you can use to cook, boil, poach, and deep-fry all types of different foods easily.

Your kitchen tasks can be completed much faster by using the Chef Basket. The stay-cool handles allows you to safely lift it and go from pot to plate for quick serving. Even when there’s hot water or oil  boiling in the pot, the handles will still remain cool to touch.

When making pasta or other dishes with the Chef Basket, you won’t have to pouring boiling water into a wobbly colander anymore. Plus it is one of the best way ever to make hard-boiled eggs because you can go right from the pot to the ice water.

Invert the basket and now you can use it as a steamer. Flip down the handles and it becomes a free standing colander. The Chef Basket is able to flat for easy storage and it is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer + free Automatic RoboStir (just pay additional s&h)