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Yoshi Grill and Bake

Grill foods evenly without leaving any mess by using the Yoshi Grill and Bake Mats. It gives you perfect grill marks and the delicious taste while leaving your grill squeaky clean.

The Yoshi Grill Mats are reversible, reusable, and completely non-stick. Any kind of food just slides right off. Even burnt cheese won’t stock onto them.

Use the Yoshi Grill Mat to grill great tasting steaks, burgers, hot dogs, shrimp, fish, vegetables and so much more. Use the Yoshi Bake Mat to bake cakes, cookies, or pizzas without leaving a mess in the oven.

Cleanup is a snap too since the mats are dishwasher safe. Or you can just rinse them off using soap and water and they are ready to use again.

Includes: 2 Yoshi Grill Mats & 1 Yoshi Bake Mat

Free Bonus: Grip N’ Flip Spatula

Anytime Grill

Now you can get real grill taste right inside your kitchen with the Minden Anytime Grill. It is an actual grill, not a griddle, which works on any gas or electric stove top.

The Minden Anytime Grill is designed to seal in moisture for a juicy, smoky, and tender barbeque taste.  You can use it to grill anytime without having to go outdoors.

The Anytime Grill is made from a heavy-duty enameled steel which captures heat from your stove and transfers it right to the grate for real grilling. It preheat in just minutes.

Plus there’s a built in flame guard which collects messes and leaves your cooktop splatter free. There’s also a smoke cone that reduces the amount of smoke that comes out.

With the Anytime Grill there’s no outdoor grilling hassles involved, such as bugs, propane, charcoal, propane or ashes. Also you don’t have to worry about the weather and can grill whenever you feel like it.

Available in Red & Black

Includes: Minden Anytime Grill, Grilling Plate, Lifting Utensil, Secrets & Tips Book, and Deluxe Expander Ring upgrade

4 payments of $14.99