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Freedom Of Choice Chia

To celebrate the 2012 Presidential Election, Chia is announcing 4 special edition Chia Planters with the Freedom Of Choice Chia series. Cast your vote and choose from 4 new Chia planters candidates that are only available for a limited time.

You can choose from either Newton “Newt Gingrich”, William “Mitt” Romney, President Barack Obama, or Ron Paul. Or choose them all and get the complete collection.

Each of the Freedom Of Choice Chia can grow its full head of hair in around 3 weeks after planting. They come with enough Chia seeds for a total of 3 plantings each.

Includes Convenient Drip Tray, Chia Handmade Planter, Chia Seed Packet, and Planting and Care Instructions

Order 2 or more and get free shipping