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Haan Multiforce Pro

The Haan MultiForce Pro is a new revolutionary scrubbing steam cleaner that works both indoors and outdoors. It provides the function of 5 cleaning tools with its deep cleaning, power scrubbing, buffing, steaming, and sanitizing functions.

You can use the the MultiForce Pro to clean indoors to clean almost any type of flooring. This includes  vinyl, tile, hardwood, laminate, carpeting, and more. Or use it outdoors to clean your porch, deck, walkways, garage, and the driveway.

The MultiForce Pro uses CR-motion, which is a back and forth movement to provide a scrubbing effect. Combined with the power of steam cleaning and you can effectively clean just about any type of surface even when there are tough messes.

Plus with steam cleaning you won’t have to rely on any chemical cleaners. Just add water and in under 40 seconds the Haan MultiForce Pro will heat it up and convert into steam.

The powerful steam from the MultiForce Pro will clean, sanitize, deodorize, and kills up to 99.9% of the germs, bacteria, and dust mites which aggravate allergies.

Includes: HAAN Multiforce Pro, Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Pads (2 sets), Buffing Pads (1 set), Scrub Brush Attachments (1 set), Carpet Glider, Floor Protector/Resting Mat, and 12 Fresh rinse Lime & Scale Removers

Plus 3 free bonus Microsham Towels

30 day trial offer followed by 4 monthly payments of $59.99


Tired of  having to tug and pull with your eyelashes with a curler? Then get the ThermaLash Heated Eyelash Curler. It is the quick and easy way to get beautifully eyelashes in just seconds.

It uses a small fusion heated silicon pad to gently but firmly curl your lashes. This heated pad is safe to touch and won’t burn you. But it will curl your lashes so they last all day long.

You use heat to curl your hair so why wouldn’t you do the same for your eyelashes? The ThermaLash heats your lashes to give them a firm and natural curl which stays in place.

Simply push the activator button up to turn it on. Then wait a few seconds until the top portion of the red heated pad turns white. This means the ThermaLash is now ready to use.

Available in Black & White

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)


NightSkin is a 7-in-1 total skin care solution for aging skin. This advanced nighttime cream targets the most visible signs of aging so you can wake up more beautiful in the morning.

The best skin rejuvenating ingredients are used in order to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines. At the same time it diminishes the appearance of dark spots, brown spots, and other discoloration.

In addition NightSkin helps smooth and moisturize the skin while boosting collagen production. It also delivers antioxidants which protect against free radical damage and provides the skin with a youthful radiant glow.

This scientifically formulated cream provides some of the most advanced, effective, and potent ingredients you’ll find anywhere. It contains the same ingredients many Hollywood celebrities use to maintain their ageless appearance.

Just apply NightSkin every night before going to bed. You’ll notice smoother skin in as little as a week. With continued usage your dark spots will begin to fade and wrinkles will start to diminish.

Includes Free Bonus: Green Tea Cream


The InStyler is a rotating hot iron hair which delivers much better results than other hair tools. It features a heated rotating brush and brush bristles which you can use to straighten, curl, style, flip and shine.

The design of the InStyler polishes each hair strands individually to deliver amazing results. Results that are much better than those from using a flat iron, curling iron, or hot tool.

This is because the cylinder is constantly moving so our hair doesn’t get pressed and baked like with a traditional flat iron. While the cylinder is rotating the bristles comb and separate your hair so that almost each strand is individually polished and buffed for more sheen, shine, and body.

Plus the InStyler produces great results without using an extreme amount of heat. This is because high levels of heat can actually cause damage to your hair and lead to breakage and split ends.

Choose from: Original 1 & 1/4″ Barrel Size & New 3/4″ Barrel Size

Available Colors: Classic Silver, Sugar Plum, Pretty and Pink, Candy Apple Read, and Leopard

Free Bonuses: 3-in-1 Styling Comb, Heat-Resistant Carry Bag/Counter Mat, and Thermal Shield Training Aid


LightStim for Wrinkles helps uses your own natural collagen production in order to revitalize your skin and eliminate wrinkles. It uses the same LED light therapy technology which doctors and estheticians have been using in their offices for over 10 years.

A treatment from LightStim emits an specific therapeutic wavelength of amber, red and infrared lights. These combination wavelengths helps stimulate the skin’s natural production collagen and reduce wrinkles.

LightStim delivers the same quality results as treatments done by professionals, which can cost over $100 each session and requires multiple sessions for any results. With LightStim you can get the same professional quality treatments at home.

A single LightStim treatment requires only 3 minutes per area. It is FDA-cleared for the treatment of wrinkles and has been clinically shown to be safe and effective, when used as directed.

Includes: LightStim for Wrinkles, Power Adapter, and Optional Eye-Comfort Goggles

Free bonus Collagen Peptide Serum & Treatment Timer

30-day trial offer followed by 5 payments of $49.99

MET-Rx 180

MET-Rx 180 is a brand new work for both men and women from MET-Rx, a leader in sports nutrition and training for over 20 years. You can have a total body transformation in just 90 days.

It isn’t just another workout program. With MET-Rx 180 it is like having a  personal trainer, a nutritionist, a knowledgeable workout partner, and a sophisticated home or mobile gym all in one.

MET-Rx 180 is a 90 day program which is separated into three 30 day phases. The phases includes Conditioning, Shaping, and Defining. Even if you aren’t in great shape or even in poor shape ,you can still complete MET-Rx 180.

During the first 30-days, you go through fundamental workouts that conditions your body for the exercises in the rest of the program. When combined with a proper nutrition plan and optional supplements, MET-Rx 180 can help reshape your body from every angle.

Includes: 16 Total Workouts, Resistance Band, Workout Ball with Pump, Tape Measure, Skin Calibrator Kit, Nutrition Guide with Recipes, Fitness Guide, Journal to Track Progress Wall Poster with Workout Calendar and Move Chart,and Electronic Subscription to MET-Rx Magazine

3 payments of $39.95

Tapout XT

Tapout XT

Tapout XT is an extreme  MMA inspired based workout that will transform your body by burning fat, building lean muscles and shredding your abs. You can get into the best shape of your life.

It is a 90-day true mixed martial arts style fitness program that you can complete at home. There’s no weights, no pull-ups and no gym memberships required.

Professional fitness expert and MMA conditioning coach, Mike Karpenko, will guide you through the 12 super-charged MMA style workouts. Each workout contains combines of cardio, strength, core and power exercises with MMA inspired kicks, punches and elbows.

Complete Tapout XT and you will see extreme weight loss and muscle toning results. Everything you need to get your body into shape is included. There’s no additional fitness equipment required.

Includes 12 Workout DVDs, Strike Training DVD, Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, XT Extreme Resistance Band, and Tapout XT Training Band

Plus 4 Free Bonuses: Ultimate ABS XT DVD, 10 day Slimdown Plan, XT Workout Towel, and Workout Calendar

3 monthly payments of $39.95

Magic Meal Microwave Cooker

The Magic Meal is a revolutionary all-in-one microwave cooker that lets you make delicious and mouth watering meals in just seconds. It is the fast and easy for great meals.

You just simply place your foods inside the separate stackable compartments and pop it into the microwave. When its done just drain any existing liquid and excess fat through the Magic Drain and its ready to serve.

The secret is the stackable design allows your food cooks quickly and evenly in the microwave. The steam will seal in the moisture, nutrients and flavor of your foods.

Use the Magic Meal to cook delicious pasta, the fluffiest rice, healthy pork chops, healthy fish and so many other great meals. You can go from frozen foods to a meal ready to eat in just minutes.

With the Magic Meal can prepares entire meals for your family quickly and save team. Cleaning up is easy too because the Magic Meal is dishwasher safe.

Includes Magic Meal, Lid, Steamer Basket, Grid, and Magic Drain

Free bonus Meal Recipe Book & Little Red Chef Food Chopper (just pay additional p&h)

Hollywood Nails

Hollywood Nails is the ultimate all-in-one nail art system that gives you salon quality designs. Nail art is one of the current hottest trends around.

They are fun, flirty, glamorous and chic. With Hollywood Nails you can do own nail arts at home with over 45 different patterns to choose from. It delivers salon results at just a fraction of the cost and save money.

Hollywood Nails gives you perfect placement every time for both your left and right hand. You just lock it down, align your nail, apply your nail polish, and stamp your design on.

Plus you can also use the Hollywood Nails for nail art on your toenails as well.

Includes: Professional Nail Art System, 5 Image Plates, and 2 Multi Color Image Plates

Free Bonuses: 3D Bling kit with 2,400 rhinestones & Professional nail art tool (just pay additional p&h)

Hercules Holder

The Hercules Holder is the ultimate holder for your smart phone. It is perfect to use in cup holders or just about any flat surface.

Use it to hold your smart phone horizontally, vertically, or you could even use it as tripod. The Hercules Holder works with all smart phones, with or without protective cases.

It is made with a soft and flexible foam which adjusts to hold and protect your phone. There are no moving parts, no fiddling and no adjustments needed.

Plus each Hercules Holder contains a cubby hole in bottom that lets you conveniently store your ear buds or extra cash. There’s also a slot for you to run a charging cable through.

The Hercules Holder is great in the car when using your phone as a GPS. It could also be used anywhere there’s a flat surface. This includes tables, desks, kitchen counters, RV’s, boats, golf carts, strollers, shopping carts and more.

Available in Black & Pink

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

SP Weight Loss

The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss System helps you curb your carbohydrates cravings while you lose weight. Whether you want to lose just 10 pounds or 200 pounds it can help you.

The patented Serotonin Formula was created by Dr. Posner who has been in private practice for 23 years. It is an all-natural, effective, and easy to take supplement which helps you lose weight safely, improves your overall health, and keeps the weight off.

It helps balance the levels of Serotonin, a natural chemical in you brain, in order to curb your cravings. Having an unbalanced Serotonin level can cause depression, anxiety, headaches, low energy levels, and cravings for carbohydrates.

According to the best article on the subject, the SP Weight Loss System is derived from the highly acclaimed Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program. In addition to losing weight, it all focuses on helping with lifestyle changes and behavior modification for long term weight loss success.

Includes 3 Bottles of Serotonin-Plus Weight Management Formula, Dietary Plan, Be Strong Live Long Bracelet, GPLC supplements, Serotonin-Plus Pen, DVD of Dietary Plan, and Flip Cards

Freedom Of Choice Chia

To celebrate the 2012 Presidential Election, Chia is announcing 4 special edition Chia Planters with the Freedom Of Choice Chia series. Cast your vote and choose from 4 new Chia planters candidates that are only available for a limited time.

You can choose from either Newton “Newt Gingrich”, William “Mitt” Romney, President Barack Obama, or Ron Paul. Or choose them all and get the complete collection.

Each of the Freedom Of Choice Chia can grow its full head of hair in around 3 weeks after planting. They come with enough Chia seeds for a total of 3 plantings each.

Includes Convenient Drip Tray, Chia Handmade Planter, Chia Seed Packet, and Planting and Care Instructions

Order 2 or more and get free shipping


CovFurs are the boot slipcover accessories that will instantly add style to your boots. They are made with high quality faux fur that feels just like real fur and can quickly slip over an type of boots or shoes.

With CovFurs you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on buying pairs of different boots. You can style your boots the way you want and change looks quickly to match your outfit.

Just add CovFurs to give your boots a chic new look. You can wear them tall or slouchy and wear them with heels, wedges, flats and more. They will look great for any occasion.

Choose from Black, Brown Chinchilla and Wild Leopard

Save 10% on additional pairs

Brush On Block

Brush On Block is the new revolutionary self-dispensing mineral sunscreen. Just brush it on and it provides SPF 30 coverage that is water resistant and protects against UVA and UVB rays.

It is quick and easy to use and is extremely convenient.  Brush On Block is invisible and natural. It goes on dry and isn’t greasy, there’s no smell, and you can barely feel it when applied to the skin.

So stop using messy spray, stick, or lotion sunscreens and switch to Brush On Block. It is hypo-allergenic and does not contain the chemical ingredients used in other sunscreens.

Plus Brush On Block is both water and sweat resistant and will retain its SPF 30 protection even after 80 minutes of swimming or heavy sweat. It can be worn both under or over makeup with no risk of smudging.

YoshiBlue Diamondware Skillet

YoshiBlue is amazing diamondware skillet that won’t ever stick or chip. It with a nano-ceramic surface that has been infused with genuine diamond particles.

This amazing new surface with pulverized diamonds and non-ceramic is the future of non-stick cookware and delivers superior cooking. It is one the greatest pan you’ll ever use.

It really doesn’t stick no matter what you are cooking and will remain looking like new even after use after use. Since noting sticks, you can easily clean it up just by wiping it.

Plus the YoshiBlue doesn’t need any butter, oil, or grease for cooking. You can make savory, complete breakfasts, beautiful, pan-seared salmon or tuna, tender breaded or pork chops that are mouth watering and healthy.

With other non-stick pans the coating chips away over time and can release toxins into your food, making the pan useless. But not with the YoshiBlue since the non-ceramic and diamond surface will never chip away.

Free Glass Venting Lid (just pay additional p&h)

Free Ceramic Mandolin Slicer valued at $25

Sudden Change

With Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum you can look younger in just 3 minutes. It will instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and eye bags.

You’ll notice a visible difference as it tightens and firms the skin and revitalizes your tired eyes. Wrinkles, dark eye circles and puffiness will disappear for younger looking eyes.

Sudden Change gives you quick eye-lift that lasts almost all day long and can be reapplied and refreshed. You easily apply with just one finger and it can be used with or without foundation.

The Sudden Change Under-Eye Serum will tighten and smooth out those unattractive under eye problems so you can go out looking younger.

Free bonus Purse Size Sudden Change Under Eye Serum

Free bonus Sudden Change Green Tea Facial Mask