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The Kruncher

The Kruncher gives you great ab workouts that produces real results for real people. You’ll burn calories and build leans muscles in as little as 5 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

Get a total complete body workout that targets your upper abs, lower abs, even hip flexors and lower back. You could exercise from a comfortable position on your chair or couch.

The Kruncher as seen on flexx labs, features patented hinge technology that gives variable resistance so it is ideal whether you are a beginner or a trained athlete. Plus it works great for both men and women.

It comes fully assembled already and is made from extra durable high impact cold-rolled steel. Plus the Kruncher folds flat for easy storage and includes nylon carrying bag so you can take it with you.

Includes: Kruncher, Nyon Carrying Bag, User Guide & Core Exercises, Workout DVD, Meal Guide, and Fitness Book

2 payments of $29.95

Butterfly Abs

The Butterfly Abs system can help you get tighter, more toned, and sexier abs even if you are too busy or tired to exercised. It has been FDA cleared for firming, strengthening, and toning abdominal muscles.

The scientifically advanced EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) Technology will stimulate and work out your abs for you. EMS sends out signals to your muscles to cause them to contract and relax. It is effective for individuals of different fitness levels with it’s 10 different intensity levels and 6 different workout programs.

Butterfly Abs is powered by a rechargeable battery and is completely wireless when in use. The toning pads are reusable, just rinse them using cold water after using, let it air dry, and you can reuse it again.

Includes: Rechargeable EMS Unit, 2 Toning Pads, and USB Charger

Free Bonus: 2 Additional Toning Pads

Contour Abs

Don’t have time and energy to do hundreds of sit ups and crunches each day? Will you don’t have to in order to get great abs with the Contour Core Sculpting System. There’s over 900,000 systems sold already.

This amazing ab belt gives you  a great core workout and you never have to get down on the floor and exercise. You can get sexy abs in just minutes a day and there’s no crunches, no straining, and no sweating involved.

It has been FDA cleared for the use of strengthening, tightening, firming and recovering healthy muscles. Contour uses the same technology as athletes and trainers use for muscle training and recovery.

The Contour Core Sculpting System is able to go through any stubborn belly fat and target the hard to reach ab muscles. It provides a 150 perfect contractions per session that works up the upper, middle and lower abs all at same time.

Includes: Contour CoreBelt, M2 Electronic Muscle Stimulator, 4 Contour Gel Pads Electrodes, 4 AAA Batteries, Quick Start Guide, Instructional DVD, Use and Care Manual, Diet and Exercise Guide, andTotal Body Gel Pad Electrode Placement Guide

30-day trial offer followed by 4 payments of $49.95