Sweet Dream Blackberries

Now you can grow your very own blackberry farm at home with the Sweet Dream Blackberries plant. They produce lush jumbo blackberries that can you plant right in your own backyard.

So now you no longer have to buy Blackberries from the market, which are often hard to find and can cost as much as up to $6 per pint. You’ll save money and can have fresh blackberries when you want.

The blackberries produced from the Sweet Dream Blackberry plants are delicious and as sweet as nectar. These plants can produce up to 4 pints everyday and up to 20 bowls per week. You’ll have a bountiful blackberry harvest all year long.

Blackberries are great for cereals, jams, muffins, as a quick snack, and much more. They are also extremely healthy for and are bursting with vitamins, high in fiber, and high in antioxidants.

Buy 1 Plant Get 1 Plant Free (just pay additional P&H)

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