Space Bag Tote

The Space Bag Tote gives you Space Bag technology inside a durable tote for convenient and space saving storage. It stores up to 4 times as much as plastic bins and containers of equal size.

Pack  and store those your comforters, beddings, linens, towerls, and season clothing inside the  Space Bag Tote. The airtight and waterproof seal will protect your contents from dust, moisture, bugs and odors.

Just place your contents in the large inner bag and use the hose from any vacuum to draw out air. The patented one-way valve will fit any standard household vacuum hose. Afterwards you zip the zipper up and you’re done.

The tough, multi-layer construction of the Space Bag Tote lets you stack them up one on top of another. There’s carrying handles for easy transport and a see-through window to let you see the contents stored inside.

Includes Tote, 2 free Medium Flat Bags, and 2 free Large Flat Bags

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