Snap 2-0

The Snap 2-0 makes connecting your garden hose a snap. Now you don’t need to screw on your hoses, faucets and watering tools because you can just snap it on.

You simply attach the first of the 2 piece connectors to your faucet spout and other piece to your gardening hose or watering tool. Now you can snap them together to connect instantly and snap it off quickly when needed.

With Snap 2-0 you can connect and disconnect a hose in just seconds. It works with almost any watering fixture or hose attachment.

Plus the design of the Snap 2-0 will prevent leaks and drips from occurring at the connection points. It will also helps reduce the stripping of threads.

Includes 2 Snap 2-0  Connectors & Water Pressure Nozzle

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

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