Shirley Temple DVD Collection

Bring home the most comprehensive collection of Shirley Temple movies on DVD with the Shirley Temple Little Darling DVD Collection.

With her mega-watt personality and disarming smile, Shirley sang, danced, and acted her way into the hearts of cinema lovers worldwide, creating film history.

Now a total of 18 or her beloved classics has been fully restored in both black and white and color in the Little Darling Collection.

Included movies: Baby, Take A Bow – The Blue Bird – Bright Eyes – Captain January – Curly Top –  Dimples – Heidi – Just Around the Corner – The Little Colonel – Little Miss Broadway – The Little Princess – The Littlest Rebel – Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm – Stand Up and Cheer – Stowaway – Susannah of the Mounties – Wee Willie Winkie – Young People

2 payments of $24.99

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