The Schticky is the new reusable lint roller from Vince Offer, the same man that brought you the ShamWow and Slap Chop.

You can clean your whole home quickly with the Schticky. You can clean dust, dirt, food particles from different surfaces around your home without using a vacuum or broom.

It easily get rids of lint and pet hair on your clothes. The Schticky works on all types of fabrics from wool to velvet. It also works great on picking up pet hair from clothes or the sofa.

Or use it on your pet before they shed all over your home. The Schticky is also great for cleaning cobwebs, the curtains, inside the car, or other hard to reach places

Schticky is made with a special silicone that is sticky when dry becomes slippery when. So you can just rinse away the dirt and hair, dry it off, and reuse over again. You can save  money and never have to buy another disposable lint rollers again.

Includes Schticky & Little Schticky

Free bonus Big Schticky (just pay additional p&h)

3 thoughts on “Schticky

  1. This is the BEST invention ever. I use it in my sewing room and it gets up every spec of thread. Works great on the floor also. I dry mine with a ShamWow !!!

  2. Rinsing it in warm water and being able to use it over and over without having to tear off strips of sticky paper is what I like. I mainly use it on my couch since my dog loves sleeping on it and leaves his hair behind. It works well getting my dog’s hair out of my clothes too.

  3. It works better than other fur removers and lint rollers I have bought in the past. The only con is that you do have to wash it once it is covered with hair and dust or else it won’t work. But it become sticky and reusable again once you washed the hair and dust away.

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