Schticky VS Sticky Buddy

Schticky VS Sticky Buddy

Reusable sticky rollers seems to be all the rage right now. Currently there’s the Schticky from Vince Offer (known to many as the ShamWow guy) and the Sticky Buddy with Anthony Sullivan.

With the two products appearing so similar, shoppers might ask what’s the differnce between the two if there is any. First and foremost, the Schticky and Sticky Buddy do pretty much work the same.

They are made of a special silicone that can grab and pick up dust, dirt, lint, hair, dandruff, etc. just like any paper lint roller. You can rinse them over the sink and all the dirt and hair falls right off. When dried the silicone will become sticky again so you’ll be able to reuse them over and over.

However there are some differences and the most important one is the price and what you get. The Schticky is a 3-piece set that sells for $19.95. It includes a regular sized Schticky, a Little Schticky and a free bonus Large Schticky. The Sticky Buddy is a 2-piece set for $10 and comes with a regular size Sticky Buddy and Compact Sticky Buddy.

The regular and travel size Schticky and Sticky Buddy are essentially the same, so difference comes down to $10 for a Large Schticky. The Large Schticky has a long handle which is useful for cleaning your home. You can clean your curtains or get rid of cobwebs in high and hard to reach places.

There is one more difference though between the Sticky Buddy and Schticky Buddy. The Sticky Buddy has rubber fingers which are used to help loosen hair and dirt that are trapped inside your carpet before picking them up. Also when using the Sticky Buddy on your pets, it can loosen shedding hair.

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