Rollie EggMaster

Now you can easily make perfectly cooked eggs without having to use a pan thanks to the Rollie EggMaster. Anyone that can use a toaster then can use the Rollie EggMaster.

Just, pour, and watch a perfect egg rollie pop up in no time. The secret is the Vertical Cooking Technology and Cylindrical Non-Stick surface surrounded by a revolutionary heating element.

With the Rollie EggMaster your eggs will come out hot, fluffy, and perfect cooked every time. You can also add bacon, other meats, or vegetables along with eggs.

In addition to eggs you can also other types of rollies. Create delicious burritos rollies, perfect pizza rollies, or cinnamon rollies for dessert. This included Recipe Guide will show you different types of rollies you can cook.

Includes: Rollie EggMaster, 5 Wodden Skewers, Cleaning Brush, Packing Tool, and Recipe Guide

Free Bonus: Rollie-Chop (just pay additional p&h)

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