Rhythm Rocker

Kymaro’s Rhythm Rocker can help you get the sexy abs you’ve always wanted without ever having to do a crunch on the floor. You can tone and tighten your abs and obliques, your shoulders, arms and strengthen your lower back from seated position.

Rhythm Rocker gives you a core and cardio workout combined into one. You’ll be by toning your abs and burning away fat at the same time with the Rockin’ Latin, Crunchin’ Hip Hop, and Rollin’ Belly Dance moves.

The EZ-grip handles allows you to create your own level of resistance by leveraging your own body weight against the movement of the seat. The seat on the Rhythm Rocker is designed to train you to do all the moves correctly for maximum results.

The Rhythm Rocker is lightweight, easy to put together and completely stable and safe to use. It is made with a sturdy steel construction and has a vinyl padded seat for added comfort.

Includes Rhythm Rocker, Easy Carrying Bag, 2 Intro DVDs, 7-Day Fat Burning Program and Nutrition Guide

3 payments of $33.00

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