Project HOPE

Project HOPE by Richard Simmons lets you get into the best shape of your life with one of America’s most famous fitness trainers. It is a 90-day fitness system that’ll help you lose weight and reshape your body.

This is Richard Simmons’ newest and most effective weight loss and exercise system yet. It contains 9 all-new workouts that sculpt, strengthen and blast calories away with Richard’s Triple Training method.

By using a specific combination of cardio, toning, and challenge exercises, Project Hope can help you burn up to 3x more fat when compared to ordinary workouts. Plus you’ll also have fun while you are losing weight.

Not only does Project HOPE show you to exercise right but it’ll show you how to eat right for effective weight loss with the Nutrition Guide. Plus it also includes the new electronic FOODMOVER which helps tracks of your daily meal portions and calories.

Includes: 3 Workout DVDs, Electronic FOODMOVER, Nutrition Guide, and Pocket Guide

Free Bonuses: Rotation Calendars, 7-day Blast Off Meal Program, and V24Plus Multivitamins

2 payments of $29.99

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