PowerGrind Pro

The PowerGrind Pro from Jay Kordich is an amazing juicer which features a new revolutionary hybrid technology that is able to deliver 85% more juice and nutrients. It works better than other juicer available on the market.

PowerGrind Pro uses a 2 step extraction which grinds and extracts.  This results is more nutrients and more juice that is pulp-free. The concentrated nutrition of the juice will be higher, giving you greater value from your food dollars.

You can use the PowerGrind Pro to easily juice fruits, leafy green vegetables or even wheatgrass. Plus you can even use to make almond milk and soy milk.

The PowerGrind Pro features a powerful low RPM induction motor that is super quiet when on. The motor is backedd by a lifetime guarantee. The juicer can easily fit on any countertop and it easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts.

Includes: PowerGrind Pro, Recipe & Instruction Guide, and Quick-Start DVD

Comes with Free Shipping

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