PediSpin From The Makers Of PedEgg


The makers of the PedEgg is back with an all new product called the PediSpin. It is an automatic callus remover that buffs ways rough patches, dead skin and calluses.

The main function of the PediSpin is pretty much the same as the PedEgg but the PediSpin is battery powered from 4 AA batteries (not included). So you won’t have tire out your hands by manually filing your heels and feet.

There’s a set of stainless steel micro files on the buffering pad of the PediSpin used to get rid of calluses. You attach it to the PediSpin and when turned on it rotates.

You can use the PediSpin it on your heels, soles and toes. There’s two speed settings with a slower one for rough patches and dead skin and a higher speed for tougher calluses.

All the shaving are collected inside the head and can be easily emptied over a trash can. After using the buffering pad you finish up with the finishing pad to make the skin on your feet feel softer and smoother.

The PediSpin sells for $14.99 plus processing and handling. Also with the current offer you’ll receive a free Heel Booties feet spa treatment with your order (just pay additional p&h). It’ll help make your heels and feet even more soft and smooth.

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