Hair-Doctor can help you regrow you hair and gain your confidence back. It features the same formula as Rogaine but costs less than 1/4 of the price.

So you can now get your hair back without having to break the bank. The men’s extra strength formula in Hair Doctor features the key ingredient Minoxidil, which is FDA approved and clinically proven to regrow hair.

Minoxidil is the same main active ingredient used in the original Rogaine formula. Plus Hair Doctor is proudly and exclusively made in the USA.

Using Hair-Doctor is simple. Just apply to the trouble areas and then massage it thoroughly into your scalp twice daily. Over time your start noticing results as your hair begins to grow back.

1 Month Supply – 60 mL Bottle

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Focus T25

The Focus T25 Workout can help you get it done in just 25 minutes a day. Brought to you by Shaun T, the same creator of Insanity, you can get into the best shape of your life with quick workouts for 5 days a week.

This is because Focus T25 delivers the same results of workouts that are 60 minutes or longer in only 25 minutes. The secret is a method called Focus Interval Training (FIT for short) which features 25 minutes of pure intensity exercises. You can get it done fast and go on with your life.

Not having enough time is no longer an excuse with Focus T25. In 25 minutes you can get a fully body workout which well melt away fat and tone your muscles.

Includes: 10 Workout DVDs, Quick Start Guide, Nutrition Guide, and Workout Calendar

Free Bonuses: Stretch Workout DVD, B-Lines Resistance Band, and 5-Day Fast Track

3 payments of $39.95

Aero Knife

The Aero Knife is light as air, razor sharp, and food never sticks to it. The aerodynamic design has holes it which reduces the surface area by 60% compared to an ordinary knife.

This makes it lighter and there is less friction, so it can cut cleanly through any food effortlessly. It works great whether it is cutting fruits, veggies, meats, fish, cheese, and more.

Plus the smaller surface area prevents food from sticking on like with regular knives. You can quickly make cut after cut, speeding up your cooking prep work.

The Aero Knife can carve, filet, slice and chop with ease, making it better than any other specialty knives. It is perfect as a go to knife of choice.

Measures 10 inches in length with 6 inch blade

Bonus: Get a 2nd Aero Knife and Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener for just an additional $6.99

Stone Wave

Now you can cook like a pro right in your microwave and prepare delicious gourmet meals in just minutes by using the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker. It is made using microwave safe ceramic stoneware and features a stay cool handle.

You can cook fluffy cheese omelettes, poached eggs, soups, savory shrimp, baked apple desserts, or tons of other deserts. The Stone Wave is one of the fastest and easiest way to cook healthy and delicious meals.

The surface of the Stone Wave is nonstick which lets you cook healthier without any extra butter, oil, or other fats. The clever design allows steam to escape and also cooks evenly to infuse flavor into the food.

Includes: Stone Wave & 5-Minute Recipe Book

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Light Angel

Light Angel is a quick and easy way to install a motion sensing LED light wherever you need it. There is wiring needed and no tools required. You just stick it up and it works automatically.

With the weather resistant adhesive you can stick the Light Angel anywhere, including outdoors. It is designed to work and withstand all types of weather.

Light Angel is perfect for porches, patios, pool areas, decks, attics, driveways, garages, sheds, closets, and more. You use one anywhere you need an extra light. You can tilt and swivel the Light Angel so it shines the right amount of light in he direction you want.

It is powered by4 AA batteries and is completely cordless. There’s a total of 7 LED bulbs that can last up to an amazing 100,000 hours. Plus there’s an automatically shutoff feature which turns the LED bulbs off after 60 seconds without any motion.

Special: Add a 2nd Light Angel and Olde Brooklyn Lantern for only an additional $9.99

Butterfly Abs

The Butterfly Abs system can help you get tighter, more toned, and sexier abs even if you are too busy or tired to exercised. It has been FDA cleared for firming, strengthening, and toning abdominal muscles.

The scientifically advanced EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) Technology will stimulate and work out your abs for you. EMS sends out signals to your muscles to cause them to contract and relax. It is effective for individuals of different fitness levels with it’s 10 different intensity levels and 6 different workout programs.

Butterfly Abs is powered by a rechargeable battery and is completely wireless when in use. The toning pads are reusable, just rinse them using cold water after using, let it air dry, and you can reuse it again.

Includes: Rechargeable EMS Unit, 2 Toning Pads, and USB Charger

Free Bonus: 2 Additional Toning Pads

Pop Chef

The Pop Chef lets you make snacks in a variety of fun shapes and patterns. It is quick and easy to do. Just push, pop and create amazing snacks.

Say good forever to boring snacks. Pop Chef lets you  show stopping snacks with ease. You can create bright and fresh fruit arrangements, fun shaped cookies, festive holiday snacks, yummy shaped cheese and crackers, and so much more.

Pop Chef can be used with fruits, vegetables, crackers, breads, cookies, cheeses, and more. It works on foods that are up to 2 inch thick. The included Recipe Guide will provide you with ideas on some of the fun and amazing snacks you can make.

Includes: Bulb, 6 Shape Cutters (Butterfly, Flower, Sun, Heart, Circle, Star), 25 Bamboo Skewers, and Recipe Book

Free Bonus: 30 Piece Special Occasion Cutters Set (just pay additional p&h)

Pearl Hair Remover

Discover an easy, painless, and safe method of removing unwanted body hair at home with the Pearl Hair Remover. It takes the pain and hassle out of home hair removal and delivers professional quality results.

The Pearl is the answer for easy and effective hair removal at home. You get rid of hair without using any harsh chemicals, sticky messes, or expensive office and salon visits. Plus it is lightweight, portable, and has a rechargeable battery.

Simply turn on the Pearl and glide it over the area of the skin where you want hair removed. It can be used on the face, arms, legs, bikini line, chest and more. The Pearl works on all skin types and hair types.

It uses thermotransmitter technology for effective and painless hair removal. The thermotransmitter inside the Pearl Hair Remover sends a gentle heat pulse of into the hair follicles which removes the hair and slows down future hair growth.

Includes: Pearl Hair Remover, Bottle of Soothing Serum, Large Tip, Small Tip, 4 Large Buffer Pads, and 4 Small Buffer Pads

30-day trial offer followed by 1 payment of $199.99

Cat’s Meow

Keep your cat entertained all day and all night long with the Cat’s Meow toy. Your cat will go crazy for it and chase it around all day long.

Just press the button and the movement of Cat’s Meow will silently attract your cat and keep them occupied. No matter the age of you cat, their natural instinct causes them to stalk and pounce on prey.

The movement of the Cat’s Meow sweeps around and speeds up and slows down like a mouse. Your kitty will be surprised with the random movements and how it changes directions when they least expect it. Go check it out at a pet store, I’m sure you will say, “my pet needs that” and will quickly proceed to treating you ball of fluff with a new way to play.

The Cat’s Meow toy is made using a durable rip stop nylon that can withstand your kitty’s claws. It is battery operated and can be placed just about anywhere for your cat to play with.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Rollie EggMaster

Now you can easily make perfectly cooked eggs without having to use a pan thanks to the Rollie EggMaster. Anyone that can use a toaster then can use the Rollie EggMaster.

Just, pour, and watch a perfect egg rollie pop up in no time. The secret is the Vertical Cooking Technology and Cylindrical Non-Stick surface surrounded by a revolutionary heating element.

With the Rollie EggMaster your eggs will come out hot, fluffy, and perfect cooked every time. You can also add bacon, other meats, or vegetables along with eggs.

In addition to eggs you can also other types of rollies. Create delicious burritos rollies, perfect pizza rollies, or cinnamon rollies for dessert. This included Recipe Guide will show you different types of rollies you can cook.

Includes: Rollie EggMaster, 5 Wodden Skewers, Cleaning Brush, Packing Tool, and Recipe Guide

Free Bonus: Rollie-Chop (just pay additional p&h)

NuWave PIC

The NuWave PIC (Precision Induction Cooktop) is an amazing portable cooktop which provides an all-in-one cooking solution with precise temperature control. It makes cooking faster, safer, and even more eco-friendly.

It heats up twice as faster and up to 70% less energy than other products. The Nuwve PIC is the only lightweight and portable cooktop that gives you precise temperature controls with it’s 52 temperature settings.

The NuWave PIC is also one of the most versatile cookstops around since you can use it to deep-fry, stir-fry, saute, boil, steam, sear, slow cook, barbecue, melt, grill, and more. Plus with the programmable stage cooking you won’t have to watch pot when you can have PIC do the thinking for you.

The PIC also works much safer than other cooktops. There are no coils or open flame so there’s no fire risks. Plus the only the pan on top gets heated up and the PIC remain cool to touch.

Includes: NuWave PIC, Quick Start Cooking Guide, Complete Cookbook and Gourmet DVD

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Free Bonuses: 3.5 qt Stainless Steel Pot w/ Lid, 9″ PerfectGreen Omelet Pan, Stainless Steel Steamer Basket, and 10.5″ PerfectGreen Fry Pan, and 9 Piece Deluxe Fondue Kit (just pay additional p&h)

3 payments of $33.33

Magna Nails

Magna Nails is the revolutionary new magnetic nail polish that provides amazing special effects. You can use the power of magnets to help produce stunning designs and patterns.

It combines the beauty of power and size to create nail designs that stand out. The secret is in Magna Nail’s salon quality formula which contains special particles.

Just apply a coat to your nails and hold a design magnet over the nail. A stunning design will instantly appear as the particle become magnetized. Magna Nails drys quickly and is long lasting. It works on both natural and artificial nails.

Includes 4 Gemstone Collection Shades: Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Purple Amethyst and Rose Quartz + 4 Design Magnets

Optional Free Bonus: 4 Metallic Collection Shades + 4 Design Magnets (just pay additional p&h)

Flashlight Friends

The Flashlight Friends are soft and cuddly stuffed animals which has a flashlight built right in. It is the perfect companion for playing at night, reading in the dark,  sleepovers, story time and more.

Since kids love soft animals and they love to play with flashlights, they’ll love Flashlight Friends.  You just tap the light and it turns. Tap it again to turn it off.

There’s also an auto shut off feature that turns the light off after its been on for 10 minutes to save battery. Plus the LED light never gets hot, so it is safe for kids of all ages.

Flashlight Friends is powered with AA batteries. A single set can last for hundreds of hours, so parents don’t have to worry about changing batteries all the time.

Measures 8.5” tall, 7” wide, 6” deep

Choose from: Pink Unicorn, Black Penguin, Green Turtle, Green Dragon, Blue Puppy, and Purple Panda

Project HOPE

Project HOPE by Richard Simmons lets you get into the best shape of your life with one of America’s most famous fitness trainers. It is a 90-day fitness system that’ll help you lose weight and reshape your body.

This is Richard Simmons’ newest and most effective weight loss and exercise system yet. It contains 9 all-new workouts that sculpt, strengthen and blast calories away with Richard’s Triple Training method.

By using a specific combination of cardio, toning, and challenge exercises, Project Hope can help you burn up to 3x more fat when compared to ordinary workouts. Plus you’ll also have fun while you are losing weight.

Not only does Project HOPE show you to exercise right but it’ll show you how to eat right for effective weight loss with the Nutrition Guide. Plus it also includes the new electronic FOODMOVER which helps tracks of your daily meal portions and calories.

Includes: 3 Workout DVDs, Electronic FOODMOVER, Nutrition Guide, and Pocket Guide

Free Bonuses: Rotation Calendars, 7-day Blast Off Meal Program, and V24Plus Multivitamins

2 payments of $29.99

Sweet Dream Blackberries

Now you can grow your very own blackberry farm at home with the Sweet Dream Blackberries plant. They produce lush jumbo blackberries that can you plant right in your own backyard.

So now you no longer have to buy Blackberries from the market, which are often hard to find and can cost as much as up to $6 per pint. You’ll save money and can have fresh blackberries when you want.

The blackberries produced from the Sweet Dream Blackberry plants are delicious and as sweet as nectar. These plants can produce up to 4 pints everyday and up to 20 bowls per week. You’ll have a bountiful blackberry harvest all year long.

Blackberries are great for cereals, jams, muffins, as a quick snack, and much more. They are also extremely healthy for and are bursting with vitamins, high in fiber, and high in antioxidants.

Buy 1 Plant Get 1 Plant Free (just pay additional P&H)

Saint-Gaudens $50 Double Eagle

Own a piece of our nation’s proud history with the Saint-Gaudens $50 Double Eagle Proof. This replica is layered with 24kt gold and recaptures the magnificence of the coin.

The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is one of the most popular gold coinage in American history being  the last type of gold coins minted by the United States. They are also rare and sought after by collectors from all around the world.

The obverse of the Double Eagle features a striding Lady Liberty. The design was first created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and is how the historic coin got its name.

The reverse of the coin features an image of an American Bald Eagle who is poised in flight and protecting its nest below.

Includes: Durable Acrylic Capsule for protection and display