P90X Is Back With P90X2

P90X2Practically everyone has heard of the P90X workout, having produced tremendous for countless people around the world. This includes regular people, celebrities and even members of Congress.

Will now the second edition to P90X is here with P90X2. It was developed from over 2 years of  research from a team of top fitness experts and claims to be even more cutting edge then the first.

Like the original P90X, P90X2 is a complete 90-day program and is based on a training called muscle confusion. But P90X2 features all-new and cutting-edge workouts that are eve more effective.

It takes the principles and foundation used in P90X and cranks the intensity up a notch. The exercises will work your balance, agility, core strength, and athleticism. Those that can complete the entire 90 day workout will get tremendous and even better results than the first P90X.

P90X2 comes in three different version with P90X2 Base, P90X2 Deluxe, and P90X2 Ultimate. The base version includes 13 Workout DVDs, a fitness guide, nutrition guide, and a workout calendar.

P90X2 Deluxe includes everything in the Base kit and adds 2 additional workouts, a Foam Roller, a 55cm Premium Stability Ball, and two 8-lb. Medicine Balls.

The P90X2 Ultimate kit includes everything in the Base kit and adds 2 additional workouts, a RumbleRoller,a 55cm Premium Stability Ball, two 8-lb. Medicine Balls and Tony Horton’s PowerStands.

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