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HD Vision Foldaways

HD Vision glasses have sold well over a total of 12 million pairs. Now there’s a brand new and better improved design with the HD Vision Foldaways Sunglasses.

It features new and improved lenses for further enhanced clarity. The lenses gives you high definition color, clarity, and contrast so you can see everything more clearly.

Unlike other sunglasses which make things darker and harder to see, HD Vision Foldaways will block away glare and enhance clarity at the same time. The glasses are perfect for driving on a sunny day, at the beach, golfing, or anywhere else you need sunglasses.

Another great new features is that the HD Vision Sunglasses are now foldable.  When not in use you can easily fold it up and fit them inside a shirt pocket or a tiny purse.

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HD Vision Zoom-Ins

The HD Vision Zoom-Ins are the world’s first high definition binoculars that gives you amazing color and clarity. It features an amazing 300% magnification.

The high definition lenses allows you to zoom in on the action and see things clearly from far. Plus these special HD lenses also cuts right through glare for a crystal clear image.

HD Vision Zoom-Ins are extremely light and portable. It fits right in the palm of your hands and can be easily carried in your pocket or a small purse.

These binoculars are great for so many different occasions. This includes sporting events, bird watching, other outdoors events, plays, concerts and much more.

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What Wind

What Wind is the fast and easy way to secure and protect any umbrella from high winds. Now you won’t about your umbrellas getting blown away when its windy ever again.

The universal design allows it to work with umbrellas of all different shapes, sizes and styles. It is easy to use and can be installed in just seconds.

What Wind is mold and water proof so you can  take it with you to the beach. The shock cords are made with high quality UV protected nylon so they won’t wear out when exposed to the sun.

The entire What Wind kit weights less than 9 ounces and is compact. Everything fits easily in the included carrying bag so you can easily take it with your anywhere.

In additional to securing your umbrellas, it is also great for pop up canopies, camping tents, gazebos, inflatable decorations, outdoor and patio furniture, truck beds, tarps, and more.

Includes 2 Anchor Bags, 4 Clips, 4 Bungees and Storage Bag

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Packit is the portable and on the go mini fridge that can keeps food refrigerator fresh, cold and safe for up to 10 hours.

The food inside will stay colder, fresher, and safer for longer than you could ever before with ice that melts or those bulk ice packs. With Packit you can pack things you’ve never could before like ice cold milk, deli meats, cheeses, or even smoothies.

Packit is both safe for you and the environment. It is PVC-free, BPA-free, lead-free, non-toxic, earth-safe and reusable. Plus you can save money by bringing delicious lunches from home instead of eating out.

Plus Packit isn’t just for lunches either. You can use it to store baby bottles, for sporting events, while traveling, or just about anywhere and anytime that you need to keep items cold.

Choose from Aqua, Polka Dot, and Plaid

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Free Bonus: Pack & Lock Freshness Containers and Pack & Pour Water Bottle