Obsidian Fitness

Experience a new breakthrough in home workouts with Obsidian Fitness. It is a hot new slide board system for your home that help you burn away fat, develop rock hard abs, and get your body in shape.

The Obsidian Fitness features the Obsidian slide board which lets you slide side to side for exercises that effectively engages your muscles for fast results. The workouts will help you get toned abs and obliques, leans legs, a firm and lifted behind, and a tone upper body.

Sliding on the virtually frictionless Obsidian Fitness board is extremely low impact. It won’t place any strain on the body you normally get with exercises such as running.

The Obsidian board at home on any hard floor or carpeted surface. The versatile underside of the board adapts to the floor surface to stay securely in place. Plus there is no assembly or setup required.

Includes: Obsidian Board, 2 Obsidian Booties, 2 Obsidian Mitts, and 3 Workout DVDs

30-day trial offer followed by 4 monthly payments of $39.95

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