New Flex Seal In White Available – Flex Seal Brite

The original Flex Seal is one the more popular As Seen On TV products this past year. It is a liquid rubber sealant in a can which makes repairing leaks and fixing cracks easy.

You just had to spray it on, wait for it to dry, and it will form a water tight seal which can stop leaking pipes, gutters, roofs, and more. It is extremely convenient and easy to use.

Plus once it is dried you can even paint over it. The only real complaint though was the dark black color. On dark surfaces this wasn’t a problem but on light colored surfaces, it was hard to blend the color and required a lot of coats of paint.

The makers listened to customers and now has introduced a brand new Flex Seal in an off white color. It is called Flex Seal Brite. Aside from the new white coloring the formula remains exactly the same and works just as well as the original Flex Seal.

So making repairs is just as easy. You simply spray it onto the surface you want to repair, it works on most surfaces. Now with the new white coloring, it is easier to blend in when repairing light colored water fountains, statues, vases, birdhouses, off-white gutters and more.

So if you are planning to repair surfaces that have a darker color you should still go with the original Flex Seal. But if you want to repair light colored surface then you should use the new Flex Seal Brite.

Another difference to note though is that while there are buy 1 get 1 free offers available for both colors, the new Flex Seal Brite also comes with an Aerogrip Sprayer. It is s spray handle that attaches to the can and makes spraying out Flex Seal easier and quicker.

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