Natural Solutions Book

Discover safe and easy natural pest control solutions with Dr. Bader’s Natural Solutions To Things That Bug You. It contains over 400 pages of natural pest control methods with an easy to use index.

Dr. Bader is a proven public health doctor with over 20 books that have sold millions of copies. Inside Natural Solutions you’ll find remedies for getting rid of all types of different insects, bugs, and rodents that may be infesting your home.

The natural solutions does not involve any poisons, pesticides, or dangerous chemicals that could be harmful to your children or pets. You can get rid of unwanted pests without endangering the health of your family.

These natural solutions offered have been used effectively for centuries behind the invention of pesticides and chemicals. There are solutions for pratically every insect, critter, and nuisance animal.

Includes: Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You Book & Calendar

Optional Bonus: Natural Solutions to Bigger Pests for additional $9.99

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