Little Blue Elephant

The Little Blue Elephant can transform any toilet into a self cleaning toilet. Now you won’t ever have to scrub your toilet again or use cleaning tablets that can harm your toilet system.

All you have to do is hook the Little Blue Elephant, durable small plastic container, inside the tank of your toilet. It can be installed in just seconds without any tools.

Now every time you flush the powerful cleaning chemistry will go into the bowl as the water refills to keeps your toilet clean and fresh. It will disinfect your toilet and constantly keep it clean with every flush.

The Little Blue Elephant is 100% safe for all types of plumbing, toilets, and septic systems. So you won’t ever have to scrub your toilet with a disgusting toilet brush again. All you have to do is  refill The Little Blue Elephant with a Cleaning Packet around every 3 months.

Includes The Little Blue Elephant & Cleaning Packet

Buy 1 Get 1 Free  Offer (just pay additional p&h)

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