Lint Lizard

The Lint Lizard is a vacuum attachment that lets you easily clear away dangerous clogs of that build up in your dryer. It is a flexible, 44″ long wand that lets you reach deep into your dryer’s vent system to clear up any packed lint and fibers.

You just attach the Lint Lizard to the hose of any household vacuum cleaner. It is quick, easy to use and there’s no mess because all the lint is sucked up directly into your vacuum.

The Lint Lizard is able to clean deep into your vent system, grabbing all the packed-in lint that has built up over time and is choking your dryer. By clearing up all the lint that gets past your lint screen, you can maxi­mize your dryer’s efficiency to speed up drying time and save energy.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer  (just pay additional s&h) +  get a free Dust Lizard

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