Lint Lizard Receives Positive Review from ConsumerReports

Lint Lizard Receives Positive Review from ConsumerReports

For those who haven’t heard of the Lint Lizard, it a dryer lint cleaning tool with a long reach and easy to use design. You attach it to a vacuum cleaner and you then insert it into your dryer’s lint-trap opening. Turn the vacuum cleaner on and the Lint Lizard well suck out most of the lint stuck in your dryer.

A recent Claim Check by ConsumerReports found that the Lint Lizard does really work as advertised and does a better job than other solutions for removing dryer lint. In the test they used three different methods to remove dryer lint and then weighed the results to compare them. This including taking apart the duct-work and using their hands, using a vacuum cleaner and crevice tool, and using the Lint Lizard.

Using the Lint Lizard was able to remove a lot more dryer lint than the other two methods. This wasn’t a complete surprise to us since the 40 inch long reach and flexible design of the Lint Lizard allows it to clean deeper into a dryer and suck up lint more easily. It could also clean lint from hard to reach places other solutions can’t.

Those who haven’t cleaned their dryer out for a lint for a long time should consider the Lint Lizard. Having to too much lint stuck inside can clog your dryer, making it take longer to finish and wearing it out faster. In some extreme cases it may even be a fire hazard if too lint much accumulates.

The Lint Lizard sells for $10.99 plus processing and handling. But with the available Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer, you’ll get a second Lint Lizard as well as a bonus Dust Lizard for free. Just pay a separate small processing and handling for the free items.

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