Les Mills Pump

Get into shape by just working out 3 times a week with the Les Mills Pump Workout. It is one the fastest ways you can burn calories and fat and develop a sleek and toned body.

The Les Mills Pump is a body pump workout with some of the world’s top pump trainers. Body Pump classes are being taught at over 14,000 gyms across 80 countries. And now you too can get the same workout at home.

You can those flat abs, lean legs, sculpted shoulders, strong arms, tight buns and a great body with the Les Mills Pump workout. They key is The Rep Effect.

The Rep Effect involves lighter weights at a faster rate of repetition rather than heavy rates. This helps you burn more calories and gets your body leaner, faster. You’ll be burning as much as  burning up to 1,000 calories during each worklout.

Includes (2) 5 lb Weight Plates, (2) 10 lb Weight Plates, 2 Safety Clips, Barbell, 7 Workout DVDs, Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide Tape Measure and Measurement Tracker

Free bonus gifts: Core Abs Workout DVD, Flow Workout DVD, and Free Online support

30-day trial offer followed by 3 payments of $59.95

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