Learn Our History

Teach your children pride in America’s past with the Learn Our History DVD from Mike Huckabee. It is a fun and easy way for kids to appreciate US history.

It is a guaranteed ways to get your children excited about learning US history and inspire pride and patriotism much more than any other learning materials ever could.

The DVDs contain an animated time travel that makes learning American history fun. So much fun that kids won’t even realize that they are learning.

Plus they are designed to teach children facts in a way that they can easily understand and remember them. 97% of kids will remember what they learn from the Learn Our History videos.

Includes “Birth Of  A Revolution” DVD and Free  “Columbus & The Great Discovery” DVD

Plus Free Bonus Gifts: DVD Case, Binoculars, Shoulder Sack, Online Streaming Access, Interactive Digital Guides and bonus Mystery Gift

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