Kymaro Shrug Shaper

The Kymaro Shrug Shaper can help make you look slim, trim, lifted and toned instantly. It is an amazing shaper made with a figure fixing lightweight fabric.

Shrug Shaper is totally discreet and comfortable to wear under any type of clothe. The design lets you wear any bra you want underneath and is designed to support any cup size.

There’s an adjustable front closure to give you a personalized fit and it easily fastens under the bust. The seamless design of the Shrug Shaper hugs everything in place to give you smooth lines and sexy curves. The Shrug Shaper is not a bra and there are no additional wires, straps, or clasps that you have to adjust.

The Shrug Shaper is available in Nude and Black. To complete your look you’ll also receive a free Nude or Black New Bottom Shaper Shorts to go along with your Shrug Shaper (just pay additional p&h).

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

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