Keeper Sweeper

You can clean your entire home from head to toe with the Keeper Sweeper. It is the last cleaning system that you will ever need since it gives you everything needed to clean every surface in your home.

You can use the Keeper Sweeper as a sweeper, duster, wet mop, dry mop, glass cleaner, floor scraper, car wash tool, counter top cleaner, hand tool, and a whole lot more with this all-in-one ultimate cleaning system.

Chenille Duster Pad:  Lifts micro dust particles from sensitive electronics and great for dusting hard to reach ceiling fans by extending the telescoping handle

Glass Pad: A scratch free glass pad that will leave your mirrors and windows spotless with just some warm water

Scrubber Mop Pad: The Tuff Terry scrub pad erases scuff marks on floors & the unique mop head secures it in place

Terry Floor Mop Pad: Great for cleaning hardwood, tile, linoleum floors and more

Includes: Keeper Sweeper Mop Frame, Telescopic Mop Handle, 4 Washable/Reusable Pads, 2 MicroFiber Polishing Towels and 2 MicroFiber Glass Towels

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