Instant Trainer Leash

The Instant Trainer Leash is the gentle and easy to transform any dog to a perfect walker. When using regular leashes your dog can walk you and if you pull too hard to control them, it can end up hurting and choking their neck.

But the Instant Trainer is gentle on your dog but can still discourage them from pulling with firm resistance. You’ll be able to easily control any dog but won’t hurt them in the process.

The special design applies the pressure to your pet’s mid-section area and away from the neck. This gently discourages them running, pulling and tugging and won’t gag or choke your dog.

The Instant Trainer can be attached to any dog collar and works with dogs of all sizes no matter how large or small they are. Once on it will make any dog a great walker. The Instant Trainer Leash is approved by both veterinarians and trainers.

Available in Small 5 ft long, for dogs under 30 lbs & Large 6 ft long, for dogs over 30 lbs

Includes free bonus Sticky Roller – great for removing pet hair

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

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