Hummingbird Vine

The Amazing Hummingbird Vine lets you turn your backyard into a natural playground for hummingbirds. They bloom a vibrant trumpet of flowers in a rainbow of colors with yellow, red and even orange.

The Hummingbird Vine is much better than having boring bird houses. During the first year of planting they’ll grow hardy vines that will climb on its own and cover walls, arbors, fences, and any other kind of support

Every blossom from the Hummingbird Vine is loaded with nectar to attract hummingbirds to return year after year. There’s no other flowering plant you can grow that will attract hummingbirds like the fabulous trumpet vine.

The Hummingbird Vine is designed to grow in almost any condition. It doesn’t matter if you have poor soil. Plus it can thrive both in the sun and in the shade.

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