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Heat Surge Mini Glo

The Heat Surge Mini Glo brings you all the beauty and benefits of the Heat Surge fireplace but as just one-tenth the size. It one of the most compact and portable electric fireplaces.

This tiny but extremely effective electric heater can heat any room from floor to ceiling. Plus it only uses a trickle of electricity but can produce up to an amazing 3,685 BTU’s.

Not only does the Heat Surge Mini Glo works great but it looks great too. It showpiece in any room with its sleek design, real wood mantle, and simulated fireplace that has no real flames.

The Fireless Flame technology gives the ambience of a fire place but is actually safe to the touch. There’s also no flames, fumes, smells, ashes, or other inconveniences of an actual fireplace.

Measures 9.4″ High, 13.25″ Wide, and 6.5″ Deep

Free Shipping & Handling

Hang A Bunch

Hang A Bunch is an amazing 6-in-1 hanger that will help you reclaim and dramatically increase your closet space. You can quickly transform your closet from cluttered and stuffed to organized.

The ingenious design combines 6 hangers into 1 allowing you hang multiple items on just a single hanger. So now you can hang up to 6 times more clothing in your closet.

The Hang A Bunch hangers features stay-put hooks which form an “Easy Find” configuration so you can quickly see the piece of clothing you need.

These hooks locks all your items securely in place. Each hanger can holds up to 12 lbs without bending or breaking.

Double Offer: Buy 5 Hangers and get an additional 5 Hangers

Free Bonus: 2 Scarf Hangers & 2 Dryer Balls (just pay additional p&h)

GoGo Pillow

The GoGo Pillow is the pillow especially designed for tablets and built for comfort. It is multifunction and can also be transformed into a travel pillow and a backpack too.

Unlike other products, the GoGo Pillow does not require a flat surface. You can comfortably use your tablet it on an exercise bike, in the kitchen, on your lap, or even in bed. The pillow molds so it is stable wherever it is placed.

The straps lets you fix it to places such as the back of a headrest for a more comfortable viewing. Unzip and flip it the GoGo Pillow  and it turns  into a backpack to take your tablet with you when on the go.

When not using your tablet you can also fold up the  luxurious GoGo Pillow to transform it into a travel pillow. It provides support and comfort for your neck or back during long trips.

Available In: Blue, Grey, Pink, Burgundy, Black & Animal Print

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Light Angel

Light Angel is a quick and easy way to install a motion sensing LED light wherever you need it. There is wiring needed and no tools required. You just stick it up and it works automatically.

With the weather resistant adhesive you can stick the Light Angel anywhere, including outdoors. It is designed to work and withstand all types of weather.

Light Angel is perfect for porches, patios, pool areas, decks, attics, driveways, garages, sheds, closets, and more. You use one anywhere you need an extra light. You can tilt and swivel the Light Angel so it shines the right amount of light in he direction you want.

It is powered by4 AA batteries and is completely cordless. There’s a total of 7 LED bulbs that can last up to an amazing 100,000 hours. Plus there’s an automatically shutoff feature which turns the LED bulbs off after 60 seconds without any motion.

Special: Add a 2nd Light Angel and Olde Brooklyn Lantern for only an additional $9.99

Cafe Cup

The Cafe Cup are the reusable single brew coffee cups which you can fill it up with your own coffee. You’ll be able to save money by brewing your own coffee in your single-brew machine for just pennies.

No longer do you have to buy those expensive single cup coffee makers from the store. You can use Cafe Cup to brew your favorite regular or decaf coffee, espressos, or even lose or bagged teas.

Simply fill the Cafe Cup with your favorite coffee or tea and pop it into a single-brew machine. Now you can enjoy coffee for just around 5 cents a cup compared to the 70 cents or more you have to pay for coffee cups.

Cafe Cups has a universal design that fits into almost any single-brew coffee maker. It is completely reusable and is dishwasher safe. They are also ec0-friendly by helping cut down on the waste of disposable coffee cups.

Includes: 2 Cafe Cups & Cafe Scoop

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Table Mate

The Table Mate is the ultimate portable table. It is like having over 12 different tables in one so you can do anything, anywhere. It can adjust to 6 different heights and 3 different angles.

With old fashion TV trays you have to reach but the Table Mate slides right to you. It works great whether you are reading, eating, or using your laptop.

You can use the Table Mate as a serving table,  study desk, for reading, writing, drawing, board games,  puzzles, arts and crafts, gardening, and so much more. Plus now it even comes with a built in cupholder.

It is light weight so you can easily move it around but is also strong enough to hold up to 50 lbs. When not in use you can fold it flat for simple storage.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Side Socket

The Side Socket is the amazing 90 degree swiveling surge protector. It can triple your socket space and neatly organize power cords in your home, garage or office.

Normally when your power outlets are located behind tight spaces and furniture, it can be hard to plug or unplug anything. Plus the power cables can prevent you from fitting the furniture flush against the wall.

But the Side Socket will solve all those issues. The swiveling design lets you set the power cords to the sides so you set your furniture flush against the wall without pressing against and bending any cords.

With the swiveling action, the Side Socket can create extra space where you need it. Plus since the cords are angled at the side, you can also easily unplug them as well.

The Side Socket will turn two standard outlets into a total of 6 outlets, instantly tripling your socket space. It also provides surge protection to help protect your electronics.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Seasonaire Heater

The Seasonaire Heater and Air Purification System will keep you and family warm while help lowering your thermostat and heating bills. Plus it does so while cleaning the air you breathe in your home.

You don’t need to be an “Entrepreneur en chauffage” to know that the 6-in-1 design delivers clean, moist, and radiant heat in the winter. For the rest of the year you can use Seasonaire to purify and add moisture to the air, letting you breath fresh, clean air at home.

Seasonaire features Infrared heating , a HEPA air filter, UV air purifier, ionic air freshener, humidifier, and dual speed fans all built into one. It compact and portable so you easily move it to whichever room you need.

By the reports made on the Blake & Sons Heating and Air website, the Seasonaire can produce the equivalent of 5,600 BTUs of heat and is capable of heating up to 1,000 square feet. It is easy to use with the built in LCD panel and a remote control. Safety features includes a “cool to the touch” design and “tip over” auto shutoff.

Available in: Cherrywood Grain & Matte Silver

60-day trial offer followed by 4 monthly payments of $89.95

Forever Comfy

The Forever Comfy offers gel cushion support for your back and your bottom. It is a combination cushion which eliminates any discomfort from siting on hard or poorly cushioned surfaces.

If sitting for too long and in uncomfortable chairs is causing your back and bottom to ache then you need the Forever Comfy. The therapeutic comfort gel which is surrounded by high density foam helps gives you a supple layer of support between you and your seat.

By evenly distributing your weight, it reduces any discomfort and eliminates pressure on your joints and muscles.

Plus the Forever Comfy cushion is lightweight and portable. You can use it at home, easily take it with you to work or use it while driving. It works great for patio furniture and can turn hard bleachers into a comfortable seat.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

UV Ultra Vac

The UV Ultra Vac is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to get rid of bed bugs and bacteria inside your home. It can eliminate bed bugs, dust mites, eggs, and bacteria which are living and breeding inside your beds, sofas, pillows, carpets, rugs and other parts of your home.

I features an innovative design which  combines a UV light into a bed and furniture cleaner. The special UV rays generated had been proven to kill dust bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs and reduce infestations by over than 90%. At the same time the powerful vacuum will suck in all the dead mites, bed bugs and their eggs and waste.

In addition, the UV Ultra Vac also has a built-in HEPA filter which will remove 99.9% of allergens that are trapped in the air. So now you can  so you can rest easy and sleep soundly and wake up with any headaches and congestion.

The UV Ultra VAc is extremely compact and light weight, making it easy to move around and clean with. There’s a telescopic handle that allows it to extend and clean your carpets and rugs. You can easily clean your entire home of dust mites and bed bugs.

30-day trial offer followed by 3 monthly payments of $33.33


FabriClear is the spray that kills and gets rid of bed bugs, dust mites, and their eggs and larvae on contact. It uses a safe and non-toxic formula which can penetrate through fabric.

Using FabriClear you can eliminate bed bugs that are found in your home, office, hotels or the hospital. Sheets may look clean on the surface, but there are can be tiny bloodsucking bed bugs hiding inside.

But don’t fear because with a spray from FabriClear you combat the bed bug outbreak. It works great on pillows, cushions, beds, duvet covers, carpets, rugs, curtains, drapes, furniture, and more.

Includes 16 oz bottle of FabriClear and Two 2 oz travel bottles of FabriClear

Free bonus second 16 oz bottle of FabriClear (just pay additional p&h)


Multi-Stor is the organizer that gives you less mess and more storage space. You just stack, store, and make room for more.  The patent pending design lets you double your drawer space.

The dual-layer design allows you to maximize your storage space and neatly organize all your belongings. Plus it features the secure Sani-lid which helps protect all your contents from dust and spills. The Sani-lid keeps everything neat and clean.

With Multi-Stor it is easy to organize all your clutter whether it is cutlery, arts and crafts items, office supplies, spices, small hand tools, batteries, first aid supplies and much more. Use it wherever it suits your lifestyle.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional s&p)

Leather Miracle Tear Repair

Leather Miracle Tear Repair lets you repair tears on leather and vinyl just like a professional.  So don’t throw it away when you can repair it like new.

Simple repair jobs can cost hundreds of dollars but Leather Miracle Tear Repair can dozens of repairs for just a tiny fraction of the cost.

You can use Leather Miracle to permanently repair holes, rips, and tears in leather and vinyl.  It will work on jackets, belts, boots, purses, couches, other furniture and more.

Just match the color and apply the Tear Repair formula. Then affix a finishing swatch and let it dry. Remove the swatch and your repair item is as good as new.

Free bonus Miracle Carpet & Upholstery Repair (just pay additional s&p)


The InstaBulb lets you quickly and easily add a light bulb without any outlets or wiring.  You can have a light wherever you want and when you want it.

All you have to do is just stick the adhesive base on to a wall and slide in the light bulb. Then just pull the cord when you want to turn the light on and pull it again to turn it off.

The InstaBulb is a great solution to add a light to closets, stairwells, RVs, basements, or attics with no outlets or wiring. Plus you can slide it out and it turns into a handy lantern.

The bulb is completely wireless since it is battery powered. It is also shatter-proof and stays cool to the touch even when its been on for awhile.

Includes set of 2 InstaBulbs

Buy 1 Set Get 1 Set Free (just pay additional s&h)

Living Pure

Slash your heating bills and enjoy clean air with the Living Pure Pro Series Heater. It the 4-in-1 humidifier, filter, purifier and heater that is endorsed by Montel Williams.

Fast and Safe Heater

The Living Pure can heat up to 1,000 square feet. The unit will quickly heat up a room to the temperature set on the adjustable temperature control.

There are no flames, fumes or deadly monoxides being generated from this PTC Heater. You get safe and consistent heat, with no fire hazard.

Built in Humidifier

Now you don’t have to suffer with itchy, dry heat when staying warm. The Living Pure has a built in humidifier that actually moistens the air.

Air Filtration

The Living Pure Pro is much more than just a regular heater. It helps clean the air you breathe by removing particles and dust. It can remove 99% of particles in the air as small as 0.3 microns.

Air Purification

With the PCO system, the Living Pure Pro 4 in 1 will help remove unpleasant odors from the room through ultraviolet technology.

Available in Wood Grain & Black

Free Shipping & Handling + 3 Year Warranty

Space Bag Tote

The Space Bag Tote gives you Space Bag technology inside a durable tote for convenient and space saving storage. It stores up to 4 times as much as plastic bins and containers of equal size.

Pack  and store those your comforters, beddings, linens, towerls, and season clothing inside the  Space Bag Tote. The airtight and waterproof seal will protect your contents from dust, moisture, bugs and odors.

Just place your contents in the large inner bag and use the hose from any vacuum to draw out air. The patented one-way valve will fit any standard household vacuum hose. Afterwards you zip the zipper up and you’re done.

The tough, multi-layer construction of the Space Bag Tote lets you stack them up one on top of another. There’s carrying handles for easy transport and a see-through window to let you see the contents stored inside.

Includes Tote, 2 free Medium Flat Bags, and 2 free Large Flat Bags