Hercules Holder

The Hercules Holder is the ultimate holder for your smart phone. It is perfect to use in cup holders or just about any flat surface.

Use it to hold your smart phone horizontally, vertically, or you could even use it as tripod. The Hercules Holder works with all smart phones, with or without protective cases.

It is made with a soft and flexible foam which adjusts to hold and protect your phone. There are no moving parts, no fiddling and no adjustments needed.

Plus each Hercules Holder contains a cubby hole in bottom that lets you conveniently store your ear buds or extra cash. There’s also a slot for you to run a charging cable through.

The Hercules Holder is great in the car when using your phone as a GPS. It could also be used anywhere there’s a flat surface. This includes tables, desks, kitchen counters, RV’s, boats, golf carts, strollers, shopping carts and more.

Available in Black & Pink

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

One thought on “Hercules Holder

  1. The Hercules Holder is a really cool product. I finally have a place to put my iphone in the car so I can use it without going through my pocket while driving to grab it. I also like the fact you can take it anywhere with you and the tripod feature is a awesome idea too. It’s a product worth having.

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