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Murad Resurgence

Murad Resurgence can help you look up 7 years younger. It is the skin care solution used and endorsed by TV personality Joan Lunden.

Resurgence is a targeted solution for medium to deep wrinkles, sagging  and thinning skin, and dryness. The regime uses the power of the Resurrection Plant formulated by Dr. Howard Murad.

Dr. Murad has refined the recipe time and time again over a period of four decades for the most effective results. Combined with antioxidants, hydrators, anti-inflammatories it delivers a highly effective solution for aging skin.

With Murad Resurgence you can look younger, feel healthier, and be happier.

Includes: Murad Resurgence Introductory Kit

Free Bonus: Free Gifts Valued at $100

Derm Exclusive

Derm Exclusive can help provide you with professional anti-aging results right at home. You can look younger in as little as just 10 minutes.

You can have younger looking skin without painful injections or surgery, without spending thousands of dollars, and without the hassle of waiting at the doctor’s office.

The four essentials products in Derm Exclusive can provide you with progressively smoother, more radiant skin and younger looking skin. They contain a special formula developed by Dr. Ordon from the TV show The Doctors.

It is called Fill & Freeze, a powerful combination of 4 Micro-Smoothing Peptides. Together they help relax your skin and gently smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when applied.

Includes: Fill & Freeze Wrinkle, Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads, Intensive Repair Serum, and Collagen Lift

Free Bonus: 2nd Fill & Freeze Pen


Discover a simple, easy to use, and highly effective 2 minute solution for back pain relief with the BackBridge by Dr. Sinnet. It will stop the pain effectively so you can start living your life today.

BackBridge is a breakthrough solution that does not involve any pills, giant expensive contraptions, or no back braces. All you have to do is just lie back on the BackBridge for 2 minutes, twice daily. It’s that simple.

The BackBridge features a patented design which corrects core imbalance in the entire spine from the top to bottom. It was created to not just treat the symptoms of back pain but the actual cause

Since all you have to do is lie back on it, the entire process is extremely easy and completely non-invasive. Plus the BackBridge is made with a soft high-density foam that is comfortable.

Includes: Backbridge, Convenient Strap, and Quick Start Guide

Free Bonuses:  Ultimate Back Pain Relief Formula Supplements & Info DVD

2 payments of $39.95


Hair-Doctor can help you regrow you hair and gain your confidence back. It features the same formula as Rogaine but costs less than 1/4 of the price.

So you can now get your hair back without having to break the bank. The men’s extra strength formula in Hair Doctor features the key ingredient Minoxidil, which is FDA approved and clinically proven to regrow hair.

Minoxidil is the same main active ingredient used in the original Rogaine formula. Plus Hair Doctor is proudly and exclusively made in the USA.

Using Hair-Doctor is simple. Just apply to the trouble areas and then massage it thoroughly into your scalp twice daily. Over time your start noticing results as your hair begins to grow back.

1 Month Supply – 60 mL Bottle

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Pearl Hair Remover

Discover an easy, painless, and safe method of removing unwanted body hair at home with the Pearl Hair Remover. It takes the pain and hassle out of home hair removal and delivers professional quality results.

The Pearl is the answer for easy and effective hair removal at home. You get rid of hair without using any harsh chemicals, sticky messes, or expensive office and salon visits. Plus it is lightweight, portable, and has a rechargeable battery.

Simply turn on the Pearl and glide it over the area of the skin where you want hair removed. It can be used on the face, arms, legs, bikini line, chest and more. The Pearl works on all skin types and hair types.

It uses thermotransmitter technology for effective and painless hair removal. The thermotransmitter inside the Pearl Hair Remover sends a gentle heat pulse of into the hair follicles which removes the hair and slows down future hair growth.

Includes: Pearl Hair Remover, Bottle of Soothing Serum, Large Tip, Small Tip, 4 Large Buffer Pads, and 4 Small Buffer Pads

30-day trial offer followed by 1 payment of $199.99

Magna Nails

Magna Nails is the revolutionary new magnetic nail polish that provides amazing special effects. You can use the power of magnets to help produce stunning designs and patterns.

It combines the beauty of power and size to create nail designs that stand out. The secret is in Magna Nail’s salon quality formula which contains special particles.

Just apply a coat to your nails and hold a design magnet over the nail. A stunning design will instantly appear as the particle become magnetized. Magna Nails drys quickly and is long lasting. It works on both natural and artificial nails.

Includes 4 Gemstone Collection Shades: Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Purple Amethyst and Rose Quartz + 4 Design Magnets

Optional Free Bonus: 4 Metallic Collection Shades + 4 Design Magnets (just pay additional p&h)

Hot Huez

Hot Huez is a temporary hair chalk that provides you with amazing and eye-popping colors. There are no dyes, no sprays and no messes involved. It simply glides on.

Hiar chalk is the latest hot new hair craze. With Hot Huez it is fast and easy to apply the coloring and it could washed right out with shampoo. Hot Huez works on all hair types and colors.

Whether you it is for a rocking day or a special night, Hot Huez Hair Chalk provides an instant glamorous. You can easily apply the right hair color to match your outfit, so it is perfect for any occasion.

Simply choose the hue you want, slide it along hair, and the color goes on smooth. Hot Huez is made from comestic grade ingredients and is completely safe to use on your hair. It is also paraben free and can be easily washed off.

Includes: 4 Hot Huez Hair Chalk Colors

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Free Bonus: 6 Hot Huez Pony Bands & Carrying Case

Curvassure by Contour

Curvassure by Contour can help tone and firm your behind in just 30 days without the need for any exercise. It does all the work needed to tone the largest group of muscles in your glutes for a sexy bottom.

The Curvassure uses EMS Technology to stimulate and exercise your bottom area so you won’t have to go to the gym or do any complicated workouts. This means no more endless squats, lunges, or lifts in order to get the  bottom you want.

Simply put on the Curvassure Toning  Shorts, turn it on, and the electrode pads will send comfortable pulses that stimulates the muscle fibers in your glutes. These gentle pulses causes the muscles in the glutes to contract in order to strengthen, tone and lift your butt.

Curvassure has 25 different levels of intensity and has 3 different pre-programmed settings. A single session takes just 30 minutes and you can use it will watching TV, going for a walk, or running other errands.

Includes: Curvassure Toning Shorts, Curvassure Contour Muscle Stimulator, 3 AAA Batteries, Lead-Wires, 4 Silicone Electrodes, Conductive Gel, and Travel/Storage Clutch

Free Bonus: Contour Body Firming Reshaping Cream

30-day trial offer followed by 3 monthly payments of $49.95

HD Vision Foldaways

HD Vision glasses have sold well over a total of 12 million pairs. Now there’s a brand new and better improved design with the HD Vision Foldaways Sunglasses.

It features new and improved lenses for further enhanced clarity. The lenses gives you high definition color, clarity, and contrast so you can see everything more clearly.

Unlike other sunglasses which make things darker and harder to see, HD Vision Foldaways will block away glare and enhance clarity at the same time. The glasses are perfect for driving on a sunny day, at the beach, golfing, or anywhere else you need sunglasses.

Another great new features is that the HD Vision Sunglasses are now foldable.  When not in use you can easily fold it up and fit them inside a shirt pocket or a tiny purse.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Callous Clear

Callous Clear is a home spa treatment system that helps remove calluses. With just a single treatment your feet will be feel softer and moisturized.

This professional quality foot treatment will soften and lift callouses so they peel away to reveal baby soft skin. You can spa perfect feet from your own home.

Using Callous Clear is a lot more affordable than professional spa treatments but it is just as effective.  It is quick and easy to do and works in just minutes.

First simply apply the Softening Gel to the Removal Patch. Then stick the patch on so it covers the calloused areas of your feet. After the treatment just peel it off and use the Finishing Scraper/File.

Includes: Tube of Softener Gel, Tube of Foot Balm, 4 Self-Sticking Callous Removal Patches, and Finishing Scraper/File

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer Available (just pay additional p&h)

No No Hair

The No No is one the easiest to use and most advanced home hair removal systems that’s available. With its long lasting results you can go weeks without shaving from just a single treatment.

It delivers professional results and you can do yourself from the comfort and privacy of your own home. The treatments are highly effective and completely painless.

The secret behind the No No is Thermicon technology, which sends out gentle pulses of heat in order to remove unwanted hairs and reduce their growth rate. All you have to do is just turn No No on and gently glide over the area where you want hairs removed.

You can use No No to remove hair on your face, legs, arms, back, chest, bikini lines, or anywhere else on your body. It works for both men and women and with light and dark hairs.

Available in: Pink, Silver, and Black

Includes: No No Hair 8800, Wide & Narrow Thermicon Tips,  Buffer Pad, Smooth Lotion, Deluxe Travel Case, Cleaning Brush, and Instructions

3 payments of of $89.95


The ZQuiet is a comfortable and easy to use anti-snoring mouthpiece. It can help you stop snoring and get a good night’s rest without any strips, drugs, or sprays.

All you have to do is just wear the ZQuiet before going to bed. It works immediately so you and your partner can now sleep better at night right away.

ZQuiet is dentist designed and recommended. It works by gently positioning the lower jaw so there is enough airspace in the back of the throat while you sleep. This greatly reduces or even completely eliminates the  vibration which causes loud snoring noises.

Unlike other snoring mouthpieces, it is extremely comfortable and allows your mouth to move naturally while you sleep. So you can wake up the next day without your jaw hurting or aching.

Plus you can use ZQuiet immediately after taking it out of the packaging. There’s no lengthy molding process involved.

Includes: ZQuiet, Travel Case, Instructions, and 2 Free Booklets

30-day trial offer followed by 1 payment of $79.95


The TopStyler is the new hair styling innovation from the same makers that brought you the InStyler. It lets you quickly and easily add sexy curls and amazing volume and body to your hair at home.

With the TopStyler you get curls that lasts up to 3 times as long and it can styles up to 3 times faster than other hair tools. Plus it does so without damaging your hair like other heating irons.

The secret behind the TopStyler are the patented C-Shells which are made with with solid Ceramic Tourmaline. They are designed to evenly heat, coos, and naturally set your curls. You can use them to create amazing curls of any size.

TopStyler uses low heat to transform your hair to deliver lustrous, smooth, soft, and silky results. Unlike other hair tools it does not use extreme heat which bakes and damages your hair.

Includes: TopStyler Rapid Heat Thermal Base, 5x Large C-Shells, and 5x Regular C-Shells

Free Bonus: 2x 4-in-1 EZ Wrap Styling Wands, Instructional Styling Guide, and Instructional DVD

Free Shipping & Handling


MaxiLift from BioLogic Solutions is an instant 2-minute face lift serum. It can help you look years younger in just 2 minutes or less.

Not 2 years or not 2 months, but 2 minutes. The MaxiLift Instant Firming Serum is a temporary youth miracle which helps makes wrinkles disappear right in front of your eyes.

It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles up to 98% and at an average of 53%. Plus MaxiLift is 100% invisible so no one but you will know.

You can apply it under your makeup or with no makeup. Each MaxiLift application lasts between 6 to 8 hours, long enough for the entire day or evening.

Plus the formula is also fortified with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid for lasting anti-aging benefits in addition to temporary wrinkle reduction.

Includes: 30-day  Supply Bottle of MaxiLift

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer


Use ElimiTag to get rid of those unattractive and annoying skin tags naturally and painlessly. It is the original topical homeopathic skin tag remover.

The all natural homeopathic formula is made from 100% natural plant extracts. The key ingredient is the pure essential oil Thuja Occidentalis. There are no harsh chemicals inside.

The ElimiTag skin tag remover is gentle on the skin but at the same time effective. It is easy to use and completely pain-free. Just use the built-in applicator brush to apply the formula to your skin tags as directed.

Your skin tags will start drying out and around 3 to 6 weeks they will fall off. ElimiTag works on all skin types and skin tags on different areas of the body. Plus there’s no scarring left behind.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Finishing Touch Diamond

Get instant and pain-free hair removal with the Finishing Touch Diamond  hair remover system. It is battery powered, light enhanced and features micro-oscillating blades.

The Finishing Touch Diamond erases unwanted hairs instantly and painlessly. It is guaranteed not to cut your skin or pull on it when removing hairs. Yet it is powerful enough to remove any hair anywhere.

Use it to remove hairs from all sensitive areas and to get rid of even the thickest hairs. Whether it hair on your arms, legs, feet, or face, the Finishing Touch Diamond can get rid of hairs quickly. It works on all skin types.

So if you are tired of having to shave in the shower, waxing, and/or use laser hair treatments then get the Finishing Touch Diamond. It is sleek, discrete, and can easily fit in any purse or makeup bag.

Free bonus Eyebrow Shaper Attachment & Lighted Magnifying Travel Mirror (just pay additional p&h)