Add a little character to your garden with Growums. It is a complete gardening kit for kids which lets you easily grow a fantastic garden.

Did you know that children who grows their own vegetables are over 90% more likely to eat them? It’s true, kids that grow that veggies, eat their veggies.

Now only do the Growums gardens, contains everything you and your child to grow a garden but it also includes online access to fun and educational online videos and activities.

Register your Growums garden online and the fun characters will come to life. They will not only entertain your child, but educate and show them the proper way to successively care for their Growums garden.

Each Growums kit can produce over a $100 worth of herbs and vegetables.It makes a fun family activity, encourages children to spend more time outdoors, and helps educate them about eating healthy.

Choose from Growums Salad Garden or Pizza Garden

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