GoGo Pillow

The GoGo Pillow is the pillow especially designed for tablets and built for comfort. It is multifunction and can also be transformed into a travel pillow and a backpack too.

Unlike other products, the GoGo Pillow does not require a flat surface. You can comfortably use your tablet it on an exercise bike, in the kitchen, on your lap, or even in bed. The pillow molds so it is stable wherever it is placed.

The straps lets you fix it to places such as the back of a headrest for a more comfortable viewing. Unzip and flip it the GoGo Pillow  and it turns  into a backpack to take your tablet with you when on the go.

When not using your tablet you can also fold up the  luxurious GoGo Pillow to transform it into a travel pillow. It provides support and comfort for your neck or back during long trips.

Available In: Blue, Grey, Pink, Burgundy, Black & Animal Print

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

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