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Pocket Hose Ultra

The revolutionary and number one selling expandable hose, the Pocket Hose, has now been improved. Introducing the new Pocket Hose Ultra.

It is small enough to fit in your hands when not in use but turn on the water and watch it automatically expand into a full sized hose. Shut the water off and it will automatically shrink back to it’s compact size.

The Pocket Hose Ultra is even better than the original. It features a new ultra strong amber tip connector that is 3x stronger and can withstand 300 lbs. of force. This provides a water tight seal every time.

Plus now it is also even more durable. Combined with a heavy duty double layer hose construction is the Solar Stripe Shield which protects the hose against damaging UV rays from the sun.

Like the original Pocket Hose, the Ultra still never twists, kinks, or tangles up. It is also still extremely lightweight and can easily be carried and moved around with little effort.

Available In: 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet expanded lengths

Sweet Dream Blackberries

Now you can grow your very own blackberry farm at home with the Sweet Dream Blackberries plant. They produce lush jumbo blackberries that can you plant right in your own backyard.

So now you no longer have to buy Blackberries from the market, which are often hard to find and can cost as much as up to $6 per pint. You’ll save money and can have fresh blackberries when you want.

The blackberries produced from the Sweet Dream Blackberry plants are delicious and as sweet as nectar. These plants can produce up to 4 pints everyday and up to 20 bowls per week. You’ll have a bountiful blackberry harvest all year long.

Blackberries are great for cereals, jams, muffins, as a quick snack, and much more. They are also extremely healthy for and are bursting with vitamins, high in fiber, and high in antioxidants.

Buy 1 Plant Get 1 Plant Free (just pay additional P&H)

Pocket Hose

The Pocket Hose is a compact and portable garden hose that can fit in right your pocket when not in use. But when you turn the water on it’ll expand to it’s full length.

Shut the water off and it’ll shrink right back to it’s compact size. This ingenious design is extremely convenient and will save you space.

Plus with it’s super lightweight design of only 1 pound, you can easily move the Pocket Hose around and store or hang it anywhere when you’re not using it.

Normal garden hoses are not only heavy but can also tangle up and kink. But not the Pocket Hose since it will never kink, twist and tangle. Just connect to a spout, turn the water on, and it’ll be ready for watering.

The Pocket Hose is long and strong enough for any job when it is expanded Use for gently watering your garden, washing your car, hosing down your patio, or any other watering task.

Available in: 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet lengths


The XHose is the world’s first and only expandable garden hose. When you turn the water on it can expand up to 3 times its length. Turn the off and it will shrink back again as the water drains.

It is lightweight, super strong and extremely convenient. A 50 foot XHose only weighs around 1 lb. This makes it easy to move around and easy to store when not used. You no longer have to drag those heavy garden hoses around to do your watering or cleaning.

The XHose is made with a revolutionary two layer design. The outer hose is made from a tough and durable webbing which stays strong in all types of weather. The inner hose is the expandable part.

In addition the XHose features a patented design which ensures it will never twist, tangle, or kink. Gone are the days where you have to waist time untangling your garden hoses.

25 feet expandable XHose – approximately 9 feet contracted

50 feet expandable XHose & 75 feet expandable XHose also available

Snap 2-0

The Snap 2-0 makes connecting your garden hose a snap. Now you don’t need to screw on your hoses, faucets and watering tools because you can just snap it on.

You simply attach the first of the 2 piece connectors to your faucet spout and other piece to your gardening hose or watering tool. Now you can snap them together to connect instantly and snap it off quickly when needed.

With Snap 2-0 you can connect and disconnect a hose in just seconds. It works with almost any watering fixture or hose attachment.

Plus the design of the Snap 2-0 will prevent leaks and drips from occurring at the connection points. It will also helps reduce the stripping of threads.

Includes 2 Snap 2-0  Connectors & Water Pressure Nozzle

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)


Add a little character to your garden with Growums. It is a complete gardening kit for kids which lets you easily grow a fantastic garden.

Did you know that children who grows their own vegetables are over 90% more likely to eat them? It’s true, kids that grow that veggies, eat their veggies.

Now only do the Growums gardens, contains everything you and your child to grow a garden but it also includes online access to fun and educational online videos and activities.

Register your Growums garden online and the fun characters will come to life. They will not only entertain your child, but educate and show them the proper way to successively care for their Growums garden.

Each Growums kit can produce over a $100 worth of herbs and vegetables.It makes a fun family activity, encourages children to spend more time outdoors, and helps educate them about eating healthy.

Choose from Growums Salad Garden or Pizza Garden

Greenworks Mower

The Greenworks 40V 19″ 3-in1 Push Mower gives you the performance of gas mover but without any of the hassles.  You can mow your lawn without the fumes, maintenance, and expenses of gas mowers.

At the same time you’ll also be helping out the environment since Greenworks leaves behind zero carbon footprint. It is powered by a 40V high power rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which provides up to 60 minutes of run time.

So stop wearing out your arm on a pull cord and stop filling gas cans. The Greenworks mower requires none of that and plus the battery charging has received the EPA’s Energy Star approval rating.

Features a 19″ cutting path and a single lever height adjustment that can cut grass from 1-1/2″ to 3-1/2″. Rear bagging capable and mulching capable. Folds up for easy storage and transportation.

Includes GreenWorks Lawn Mower, grass collection bag, mulching plug attachment, two 40V high performance batteries, and Battery Charger

Free bonus40V String Trimmer and 40V Blower (just pay additional p&h)

30-day trial offer

Tree Tomato

The Tree Tomato lets you grow juicy, red, ripe and jumbo sized tomatoes that are as big as grapefruits.  You can have super-sized tomatoes that weigh up to 2 lbs each.

From just a single Tree Tomato plant you can harvest up to 60 lbs of supersize tomatoes. It is like having your very own virtual tomato factory with a crop of farm fresh tomatoes each and every week.

Each giant tomato tree plant comes in a pre-seeded professional nurseryman starter pot. They can grow up to amazing 8 feet or taller in as little as just 90 days.

Buy 2 Tree Tomato Plants Get 1 Free (just pay additional S&H)

Plus 3 Free Big Early Tomato Plants (just pay additional S&H)

Indoor Banana Tree

Grow giant and delicious bananas at home with the Incredible Indoor Banana Tree. You can save money and can have dozens and dozens of plump bananas whenever you want.

The Indoor Banana Tree produces giants bananas that are plump, up to 1 foot long, and weight up to 1 lb. You can create your own tropical paradise at home or grow them outdoors too.

They will grow bananas year after year. You just simply water your banana tree sprout, watch it grow, and then pick and enjoy. You’ll have all natural bananas from the plant to the plate.

Bananas makes a healthy and delicious snack any time of the day. They provide an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and are low in calories with no fat, sodium or cholesterol.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer

Quick Lawn

Now you can have a lovely green lawn all year long with Quick Lawn from Gardener’s Choice. It is a university-developed turf grass that keep your lawn green throughout the year and for all 4 seasons.

The Quick Lawn seeds can start growing in as little as just 7 days and all you have to do is seed your lawn and water. You can enjoy an evergreen lawn every season of the year whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter.

Quick Lawn will work even in the toughest terrains, including clay soil, sandy soil, shady areas, high traffic areas and even snow. Plus Quick Lawn grass is designed to withstand heavy traffic and resists insects.

1 pound bag – enough to cover 500 square feet

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional S&H)

Blueberry Giant

The Little Blueberry Giant Plants lets you grow your own delicious blueberries. They can produce up to 4 pints of juicy and sweet blueberries each day and up to a total of 16,000 blueberries from a single plant.

So why buy blueberries from the market, which can be expensive, when you can grow your own? The Blueberry Giant system contains two small indoor blueberry plants that can grow in the sun or the shade. You just have to pot and plant them, water, and wait for them to grow and produce delicious blueberries.

The plants will  grow to six feet high by five feet wide and can be pruned to a more compact size. In their first season they’ll produce a light crop and the next season they’ll yield a  heavier crop. During the third season and beyond they produce an even heavier crop.

Use these fresh blueberries in your cereal, yogurts, cakes, muffins, deserts or just eat them fresh. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and good for you. They have been shown to help lose abdominal fat, improve memory, prevent cancer, improve heart health and more.

Includes 2 Little Blueberry Giant Plants + free additional plant (just pay additional p&h)

Hummingbird Vine

The Amazing Hummingbird Vine lets you turn your backyard into a natural playground for hummingbirds. They bloom a vibrant trumpet of flowers in a rainbow of colors with yellow, red and even orange.

The Hummingbird Vine is much better than having boring bird houses. During the first year of planting they’ll grow hardy vines that will climb on its own and cover walls, arbors, fences, and any other kind of support

Every blossom from the Hummingbird Vine is loaded with nectar to attract hummingbirds to return year after year. There’s no other flowering plant you can grow that will attract hummingbirds like the fabulous trumpet vine.

The Hummingbird Vine is designed to grow in almost any condition. It doesn’t matter if you have poor soil. Plus it can thrive both in the sun and in the shade.

Buy 2 Get 2 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

Hanging Strawberry Garden

The Hanging Strawberry Garden lets you grow your own delicious strawberries right at home. It is designed to be simple enough that even beginners with little to no gardening experience can do it.

You can grow plump and tasty strawberries all year long and with very little space required. The Hanging Starwberry Garden lets you grow your own strawberries both indoors and outdoors.

It is a snap and you can have fresh strawberries in as little as just 60 days. You’ll be able to save as much as hundreds a dollars a year compared to buying strawberries from the market.

The Hanging Strawberry Basket kit includes: 10″ Pot, Strawberry Seeds, Coconut Fiber Potting Mat, Strawberry Brochure, and Complete Instructions

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional s&p)

Awesome Auger

The Awesome Auger will help take the hard work away from yard work. Using it can help you plant twice as much in just half the time.

It is also great for digging holes, planting trees, shrubs, bushes and much more with ease. The Awesome Auger can blast through hard rock or clay, cut through thick roots, power our rocks and remove stubborn stumps.

You no longer have to worry about bending over on your back and getting backaches or blisters when doing the yard work with the Awesome Auger.  It attaches to any drill and you can just pull the trigger, plant and grow.

Includes 4″ Awesome Auger, 3″ Bulb Aug + free Bonus Cordless Drill (just pay separate p&h)

Canada Green

Canada Green are the all season grass seeds that can grow in practically any condition and climate. You can have a lush green yard in as little as just 10 days.

This incredibly hardy grass has been used at golf courses through the entire USA and Canada for years and now it is available to you too.

Canada Green Grass Seeds grows quickly and easily. Since it is fairway grass, it can take much abuse from heavy foot traffic and almost every kind of weather condition. It can thrive through the worst abuse.

You won’t have to won’t have to worry about the weather killing your lawn because Canada Green can withstand extreme temperatures from as cold as -40 ºF to as hot as 120 ºF. Plus it is resistant to bugs and crowds out weeds.

Prices start as low as $19.95 for a 1,000 square feet bag.