Flex Seal

Flex Seal is the amazing liquid rubber sealant that makes repairing leaks and cracks quick and easy. It is an easy to use do it yourself solution to stops all sorts of leaks fast.

With Flex Seal there is no prep time needed. You just spray it on and the liquid rubber formula will seep into the cracks and holes, sealing out air and moisture. It dries quickly and forms a watertight, flexible rubber coating.

This coating will stop leaks and won’t sag, drip, crack or peel over time. Plus when it is dried, you can be paint over it to match the surface color.  A coating single coating for Flex Seal will last for years.

You can use Flex Seal to repair your leaky roofs, leak gutters, skylights, foundations, basements, chimneys, PVC pipes, and so much more. It works on almost any surface.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer (just pay additional p&h)

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