Flex Seal Brite

Flex Seal Brite is the new version of Flex Seal that features a lighter and brighter color. This new white coloring lets you easily paint over it with any color once it dries.

The original Flex Seal was black and may need several coats of paint to match a surface color. It was also hard to blend in on surfaces with light colors. But not anymore with the new Flex Seal Brite.

The coloring is different but the liquid rubber sealant formula in Flex Seal Brite remains just as effective. It gives you a quick and easy way to repair cracks and stop leaks fast.

You can spray Flex Seal Brite on virtually any surface and the flexible rub­ber compound will seep into the cracks and holes that is causing the leaks. Once dried it forms a waterproof coating which you can paint over.

Use it for quick and easy repairs of cracks and leaks on your roof, PVC pipes, gutters, water fountains, window trims, and much more. It will last for years and won’t crack or chip away.

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