Flashlight Friends

The Flashlight Friends are soft and cuddly stuffed animals which has a flashlight built right in. It is the perfect companion for playing at night, reading in the dark,  sleepovers, story time and more.

Since kids love soft animals and they love to play with flashlights, they’ll love Flashlight Friends.  You just tap the light and it turns. Tap it again to turn it off.

There’s also an auto shut off feature that turns the light off after its been on for 10 minutes to save battery. Plus the LED light never gets hot, so it is safe for kids of all ages.

Flashlight Friends is powered with AA batteries. A single set can last for hundreds of hours, so parents don’t have to worry about changing batteries all the time.

Measures 8.5” tall, 7” wide, 6” deep

Choose from: Pink Unicorn, Black Penguin, Green Turtle, Green Dragon, Blue Puppy, and Purple Panda

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