Finishing Touch Diamond

Get instant and pain-free hair removal with the Finishing Touch Diamond  hair remover system. It is battery powered, light enhanced and features micro-oscillating blades.

The Finishing Touch Diamond erases unwanted hairs instantly and painlessly. It is guaranteed not to cut your skin or pull on it when removing hairs. Yet it is powerful enough to remove any hair anywhere.

Use it to remove hairs from all sensitive areas and to get rid of even the thickest hairs. Whether it hair on your arms, legs, feet, or face, the Finishing Touch Diamond can get rid of hairs quickly. It works on all skin types.

So if you are tired of having to shave in the shower, waxing, and/or use laser hair treatments then get the Finishing Touch Diamond. It is sleek, discrete, and can easily fit in any purse or makeup bag.

Free bonus Eyebrow Shaper Attachment & Lighted Magnifying Travel Mirror (just pay additional p&h)

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