Electrofoot Massager

The Electrofoot Massager from BioEnergiser can help improve your circulation and reduce aches, pains, and swelling. It is designed to target the reflex zones, pressure points, capillaries, muscles and nerves on the soles of your feet.

This foot massager is convenient and super easy to use. You just first place your feet on the main panel, set the intensity level, and let the Electro Massager do all the work. You could relax and read a book or watch TV during the treatment.

The Electrofoot Massager uses a safe and stable flow of low frequency electrowaves that target vital reflex points on your feet and the muscles in your lower legs. It replicates the techniques used by professional reflexologists and acupuncturists.

There’s a total of 10 preset programs with 40 levels per program and a timer setting with automatic off.  Plus there’s also a far infrared foot massage function which makes your foot massages even more enjoyable.

The Electrofoot Masager can be used plugged in or you can run it on batteries. There’s also a built in carrying handle that makes it easy to move it around your home.

30-day trial offer followed by 3 monthly payments of $33.33

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